We have a kitchen ceiling light fixture that is really difficult to replace bulbs. First off, even with a step stool I am a hair too short to do it. It’s also a tricky bulb because it’s a light space and you sort of need to twist and lock, or unlock. Technically, you’re supposed to use a suction cup tool to replace bulbs, but I find that way out of my abilities. I become very frustrated so I always ask my handyman to do this task for me.

Pre pandemic that is.

Now with my Husband home all the time, he’s decided that he is fixer of the lights…

Which basically means that when one of the five kitchen light bulbs went out, he asked me to put a new one on the kitchen counter.

Which I did.

In August.

Eventually, two more lights burned out, leaving us with two lights out of five illuminating our kitchen. Without a kitchen window, let’s just say that mood lighting is not particularly practical.

My Husband (who has an aversion to getting the lights off the utility cart in the closet, where they nestle on a tier that is entirely light bulbs for different parts of the house) once again asked me to get light bulbs for the kitchen.

Which I put on the kitchen counter in October.

For those of you counting, there were three little boxes containing lights on top of my kitchen counter. The items on my kitchen counter were as follows: my aerogarden, my electric tea kettle, and the three small boxes of lights.

That’s all that resides on this part of the counter on a daily basis.

Part of me would love to say that on today, November 9, that the three boxes of new bulbs are still sitting on the counter…

However, two weeks ago, my husband actually changed the bulbs…

Of course there was an announcement for all the land that the bulbs had been changed…

I believe a bow was taken and “We are the Champions” played in the background…

I’m sure you saw the notice in the papers…

And another day goes by where no one has been locked in a closet…

I can not promise you what tomorrow will bring…

56 thoughts on “Too male to fail

  1. I never pretend I’m a handy type. I quietly do my normal work around the house. I’m not the normal man I guess. I do feel, though, since I just do it it doesn’t get noticed, especially since I prefer to do a lot of it when no one is around.

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  2. πŸ˜„ I find that “I have no room to make cookies” usually works well. Or “I was going to bake, but I can’t see a thing” might work well, too. Everybody loves cookies! πŸ˜‹

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      1. Is there anything more wonderful than having a bathroom cleaned? It will take my husband a solid 2 hours because we have a TV over the tub and he will stretch it out from intro to credits but I DO NOT CARE.. if that bathroom gets a good scrubbin’- shutters included..I am a VERY happy girl!!

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  3. This post made me laugh because I remember how my ex would continuously show me what he’d done (even when it was as simple as changing a lightbulb) for days after he’d done it. As if it were a huge accomplishment…maybe we all have that to a smaller degree. I’ll say I like to look at my handiwork when I do something new or different in the house that I’m proud of…but not changing a bulb though…it has to be bigger than that! Thanks for the giggle! And yes, I heard the trumpets from here! TA DAAAAA

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  4. OMG I am so with you. My husband pulled out the vacuum and I am sure the angels were singing! He likes to get out his leaf blower and use it all the time, but we need to talk about it and how nice it looks and how it is a lot of work etc.

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  5. Lol! The announcing part!!! They HAVE to let everyone know! My husband helped me this weekend, wash the Windows I couldn’t reach..two windows…so I hear him on the phone to his Mum telling her he has to wash
    the windows this weekend no mention of me or the 4 windows and 2 sets of sliding doors I washed!! Cracks me up!!!!

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  6. LoL….oh my…..when I got to the part where you said “there was an announcement……a bow was taken……..We Are The Champions”…….I just had the best big “belly laugh” out loud…lol. Brought back familiar memories of when I was married….lol. Thanks for the laugh to start my day!! πŸ™‚

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  7. My husband tried to change the light bulb over our sink and managed to break it and get the metal part stuck, so now we’ve got darkness where there used to be light. I had our handyman try to fix it and even he couldn’t get it out. Now we need an electrician. πŸ™‚

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  8. It’s funny how small tasks can be easily left to sit for a long time. It seems like it is a part of human nature. Only when the task grows does it get our attention, or at least, more immediate attention. When I was a practicing RN, all of us would laugh at ourselves for the odd things that can happen as we prioritize things. If I, or them, had 20 IV lines to manage over an 8 or 12 hour shift (before the days of infusion pumps being commonly used so we had to time them by hand and the type of tubing), and had an additional 20 to 40 IV piggyback meds to add to those IVs, we would never miss a beat. All ran perfectly smoothly, even if it was a herculean task. But if we had a single IV to manage, we’d be damned, but that one would run dry on us before we could get the replacement bag hung . . .

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      1. Haha. I have no idea now. I got it from a Dollar Store many years ago. It’s a foam insulator that you place your cup of coffee in to keep it warm. Maybe I’ll post a photo of it on my blog. As for me, I get things done pronto at work and at home because of my long life as a facilities, maintenance and handyperson.

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  9. OMG It’s uncanny the way your posts remind me of the many trials and tribulations I endured in my now ending marriage. For this one, it’s basically that when I asked him to do something he would tease me about having to do it instantaneously, which is not what I needed or wanted most of the time! On the other hand, if I had a tech problem when I would ask for his help he would tell me to try it myself, that I could do it. Looking back, and I must say in being a bit mean-spirited now, he probably said that since he didn’t know how to do it either. I mean, I had to show him how to operate his smart phone! He was a very handy man, like my dad, which may have been one the things that attracted me to him in the first place. He used to like to do those sorts of things but got more grouchy about even trying some of them as he got older. I must admit, though, that after 30 years I took those skills of his for granted and now that they are not available to me anymore as I now live in the 50+ year old house I grew up in with my 86 year old mother and, if I am too lazy or frustrated or intimidated to try to fix things myself (which I estimate would be possible maybe 50% of the time), I do what Mom did before I moved back. I call on her only slightly younger than me neighbor, aka St. Joe, to do it for me. Before that, he did EVERYTHING for her.

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