Mini golf…I won by one stroke…
Odeon. First time I’ve ever been asked if I want my omelette soft, medium or hard…
As bats find ways to keep customers and make money
Hmmm….what show is this from?
And why are they posting quotes on windows?
The family that votes together….Congrats to President elect Biden and Vice President elect Harris…may you unite the country and keep our republic strong
I’ve always wanted to get to Japan…
I finished this book last night. I’m still considering how I feel about it. Willing to discuss with anyone who has read it.
This appeared on my Instagram feed the day I asked if you reread books…a sign of the universe or just random?
Cat helping my daughter do homework
Reread for book club…my least favorite Austen novel
Dutch baby…came out pretty good
Sometimes you need Green Day
This book had an interesting approach to the whole happiness debate. His theory is that there are three personal buckets and we need to learn how to keep them mainly filled. Easy read and done to be read a page a day for thirty days.
This was a pretty good book. Spare in its thoughts at times, profound at other points
Ok. I admit it. Loved this show.
I also enjoyed this, though reviews were all over the place

46 thoughts on “Highlights November 8

  1. Agree with Jane Austen and fascinated by the size of your cat. Or is it just a small computer? Yes, in a week of great world events I am maintaining my reputation as a shallow thinker! Also wondering how long it will be before you have a female President. Old age, an attack while he is napping or a Trump-supporting Russian assassin…

    Time to get your writing head on. 🙂

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  2. Gimme some of those fries! Every Sunday – delicious looking fries. I love French Fries! What was the person on your left eating – that looked good too. Last roses of the season – beautiful. What is that tall, skinny building in a couple of your pictures? It’s been quite a while since I was in New York.

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    1. Ok…I was taking a bath and I realized that I forgot to answer part of your question…I know…I know…you don’t have to say it…I know my mind is a weird little thing….that’s the freedom tower in the pictures….

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  3. I learned something new. I didn’t know there were badges on Fit Bit. I looked through my app and sure enough, I have all kinds of badges! Kind of makes me feel good about exercising. Then again, I am now craving French fries!!!!! Great post!

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  4. My highlight of the week is having my surgery behind me now. LOL! Had a hysterectomy and for the most part don’t feel that bad. Just so tired!! From what I am hearing from others that is normal.

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  5. Thanks for the eclectic collection of photos today. The “pivot” sign is from the 2020 Sh*t Show. That seems to be what we’ve done all year. Your nature photos are lovely; I enjoy them on FB and Instagram too. As for the dystopian novel….yes, iI can see the possibilities now………..

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  6. Those are some great pics and insights, LA. I miss traveling, and yearn for the day I can be back for a visit to NYC. Enjoy my omelette medium, love the cat, universe for sure, and, of course, there is always space for Green Day. Have a fantastic week. 🙂

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  7. YBW is watching Cobra Kai and from what I’ve seen I’m enjoying it too.
    Fries with an omelet are my new favorite thing, thank you!
    Congrats to your girl on her first vote. Please thank her for exercising her Girl Power! ❤

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