We went to the corn maze a few weeks ago. We completed in record time I might add…(my daughter is a highly competitive person and her goal every year is to beat our times from prior years- she doesn’t compete against others…just herself)

After we stormed through the corn stalks, picked a pumpkin and had a glass of hot apple cider, we made our twice yearly pilgrimage to the mall.

So we went to the food court. My daughter shopped in some stores that we don’t have in the city. We window shopped.

And throughout this process, I lost my pashmina.

First off, it was a faux pashmina that I picked up at a street fair about twenty years ago and maybe cost me 3.99…

It wasn’t sentimental nor expensive nor particularly special…just a big hot pink square of material…

But this pashmina has been everywhere with me. As someone who is affected by temperature changes, it was always stuffed in the bottom of my bag. It has been to Paris and Greece and Bora Bora. It has been to Tennessee, Chicago and Zion. It’s been wrapped around my shoulders, draped over my knees, and has covered my mouth…

I was sad when I realized I’d lost it.

But you know…c’est la vie…

The next day my daughter called the Queens County Farm Museum. She called Roosevelt Field Mall. She called every store we had gone to.

Because she knew that this scarf was a part of my life and it made me a little sad to have lost it.

I thanked my daughter for calling, for making the effort, while I told her that it wasn’t necessary…

And she responded- “If it had been me that had lost something you would have retraced our steps throughout the mall until you’d found it. How could I not at least make a few calls and try to find it for you?”

She was unable to locate the scarf, but that really doesn’t matter.

So I am grateful that my daughter is my daughter. I am grateful that she realizes that she has been loved unconditionally. I am grateful that she tried to do something seemingly small yet would have had much meaning for me.

60 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday November 7

  1. Your daughter sounds like a sweetie. πŸ’œ Isn’t it something how sometimes we lose something and it really gives us pause as we imagine it gone..it’s not so much what it is that made it special, but the fact that we had it so long.

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      1. I get it.. I literally imagined my favorite electric toothbrush sitting all by itself on the bathroom counter at the hotel as we drove away.. the housekeeper tossing it in her little trash bag and it winding up at the dump. Yes, a toothbrush.. I imagined the whole last chapter of its “life.” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜³

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      2. Well for sure I never traveled with an electric toothbrush again..eventually I gave up on them all together and went back to regular. Yes, I am the one and only person left on the planet (according to my family) who uses a good old fashioned, med toothbrush.

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  2. Congrats, Mom. You’re raising not only a daughter, but a caring person as well. And, there’s nothing wrong with trying to best a personal best! Maybe you’ll receive a replacement as a gift some day. πŸ’œ

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