Brooklyn Botanic Garden had live music
More live music…
Cubano from Copelia
Berry custard
The Vessel in the rain
Outdoor spin class at Hudson Yards
Ko’s Snow Day Howardena Pindell The Shed
Halloween in our building
When the weather gets cold, I turn to ramen…
Celia, 8365 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood David Hockney
Bette Saar sketchbook
Bette Saar piece based on sketchbook
Anne Bronte journal The Morgan Library
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Ok…this was really a book in the classic sense of beginning, middle, end…however it was, however, soft core porn….I have to rethink where I get book recommendations from BLEH
I thought this was a solid memoir
The cat got bored real quickly with being Big Bird
Decent psychological thriller type

59 thoughts on “Highlights November 1

    1. It’s literally this big structure that you can walk up and down…the rain part was because it was POURING and I was jogging as I took picture…


  1. I love the Vessel. So pretty. Thanks for the calendar page. One of the ways I’ve changed while letting go of stuff is that I’ve become more religious. I’m beginning to let God more into my life.

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    1. Thank you! I’m one of those people is very sensual in that I really appreciate taste, touch, sound, visual and smell. This is the best way to show what influences my posts, my thoughts and me in general

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  2. I liked the juxtaposition of the Don’t Sweat the Small Things quote and the berry custard. Beautiful shots of the botanic garden. Cat as Big Bird? What a hoot! I can imagine poor kitty being rather offended.

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    1. Omg I was there was a spot in goodreads where I could mark down where I got the recommendations because wherever I got that recommendation from I need to avoid in the future! There was no plot at all…it was one sex scene to another…I mean…the climaxes in this book were not ones I necessarily want to read about…

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  3. There’s a little bit here for everyone to love. The Vessel is fabulous and I’d love to see it in person. The botanical gardens are the best and all your flower photos have been beautiful. xoxox

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