You know I am not a great speller. And you know I am not always the most adroit at hitting the correct keys when I’m typing…You know, cause my mind works so fast my fingers can’t keep up…yeah… that’s it. That’s why I make so many mistakes…

So a few weeks ago I commented on a post written by DM…and because of one mistake the comment took on a much racier tone than anticipated…


I’m grateful to DM for laughing and knowing that I’d made an error

I’m grateful to him for fixing said error in his comment thread so that others did not think I was some sort of depraved lunatic…

26 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday- Halloween

  1. You are most welcome! And I am thankful way back when, when you fished my comments out of your spam folder… It’s the little things in life, like you mentioned the other day, (decluttering post) that can give us joy, if we’re paying attention. DM

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