Hypocrisy- the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform: pretense – Oxford Languages

I totally admit that I can be hypocritical: I shared the story about what I posted and how I did the exact opposite in real life.

But how many of us do the exact same thing- the old do as I say, not as I do. In parenting, the maxim is that your children will do what you do, not listen to what you say…

So you see how far reaching hypocrisy can be…

Were those right of center hypocrites when they pushed in a Supreme Court Justice when they did the exact opposite four years ago?

Before you answer…

Were those to the left of center hypocrites with their dismissal of Tara Reade?

Now think about your answers:

Both yes?

Both no?

One yes and one no?

You have no idea to what I am referring in one or both statements?

Now think- do your answers make sense based on what you know about hypocrisy?

Do we believe what we want to believe?

Do we change how we interpret the facts based on where we fall on some imaginary line that goes from left to center to right?

Take the case of Amy Coney Barrett: I don’t like the way she voted on certain issues. That’s my personal ethos. However, the minute I heard women, feminists, men say that she shouldn’t be eligible for the job because her kids will suffer….because she would be unable to be a good Mother and a justice…

I went crazy….

As a woman, as a Mother, as the Mother of a daughter who is at this very moment participating in a Virtual Moot Court competition because she loves the law so much, and who dressed as RBG for her American Studies class yesterday…

How dare you question what a woman can and can’t do…

So here’s the thing:

On Tuesday, there will be an election.

In some point over the next six weeks, someone will be named President. (it took them four months to figure out who won the democratic primary for Congress in my district, so you do the math…)

There will be no winner on Tuesday…

But if we don’t learn to cooperate with one another…

On Wednesday we will all be losers…

A man who knows nothing is smarter than a man who thinks he knows something but really knows nothing Socrates

Don’t assume that you know everything. Don’t assume that the person who voted differently than you is stupid.

Taking extremists of both sides out of the picture, there is value to be learned from all…

Let’s stamp out hate…all hate.

Let’s figure out a way to work together so that we all can be the best that we can be…

Can you have any sort of relationship if people constantly oppose one another?

Any sort of business?

Any sort of anything?

We can agree to disagree on things, but we all must learn to coexist.

Now I get that some of you are shaking your heads right now…I probably lost half of you at the top half of this…

But to coin that 21st century philosopher Dr. Phil…

What we are doing, all the fighting and grandstanding…

How’s that working for you? For your neighbor? For anyone?

Do you actually want things to be better?

Or do you just want it YOUR way?

Is the way that we have been behaving the best way to move forward?

I don’t think so…

We need to do better.

71 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen Friday- October 30

    1. We can’t tolerate someone having a different opinion. We want things our way all the time. That behavior is self destructive…shouting one another down? How do we progress if we are just yelling?

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  1. I think many people have been examining themselves and finding where they got some things wrong, or were taught either half truths or just wrong things. But I must say that I see less self-examination in the cancel culture and critical theory camp. You have to want the truth to find the truth. You have to be willing to say, I was wrong, if you find that you are. I’m worried that the radical left’s base is not able to think for themselves or self-examine. You can say that about the white supremacists as well, but I don’t like to put them in the category of ‘right’ because they are fanatics, like terrorists. Anyway, I wish everyone who is able would bravely root out their own hypocrisy and blind spots. It can be painful like pulling off scabs over infected wounds, but it helps the healing begin.

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    1. Fanatics is definitely the better word, but we’ve taken to calling these people far left and far right fringe groups, but you’re right…they are a completely separate category. We all have our own hypocrisies. Own it. Figure out what you can do to get past it.

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  2. I don’t know who Tara Reade is, but I shrug about Barrett. I didn’t take complaints about her ability to mother her children and do her job as insulting, I took them as an example of the hypocrisy on which she’s built her life. That is, for a woman who is on Team Anti-Feminist it’s a very feminist thing to uproot your family while you better yourself. Perhaps I’m too mellow, or indifferent, but I don’t understand the anger over this issue. She is who she is, no real surprise when she does what she does.

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      1. I don’t like the people saying that her children are suffering and she is incapable of being a mother and a judge. I have no problem with people who don’t like how she has vote on certain cases (though I doubt how many people can actually name one without googling it now) but to attack her ability to do both? Would anyone ever say that about a man?

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      2. Of course they wouldn’t say that about a man! I just took that talk as typical, but read it from a hypocritical perspective, focusing on how she leans conservative while living liberally. So to speak. I truly don’t care what the woman does with her life, which is exactly how it should be.

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      3. They’re leading with her children are/suffer because she won’t have time to commit to them as a parent. As soon as that’s being stated, I have issues. It’s like stay at home moms who belittle working moms and vice versa. How she actually judges is one thing…how she lives in another

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      4. Yep. Agreed. She may or may not be a good mother, but that’s only conjecture. Best to support everyone in whatever she wants to do, however she wants to do it. My philosophy

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  3. I liked it better in the day when it was called a “secret ballot” because it was nobody’s business but your own who you voted for, and nobody presumed to call you names because they didn’t know which way you were leaning. It was called ‘minding your own business’ – no exit “polls” either.

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    1. This whole intensive pressure to vote one way or the other…we have a “Friend” who says that he can’t stand anyone who will vote for X because he thinks they are &^%$#…. I just can’t imagine thinking anyone is wrong for not thinking the same way I do


  4. Politics are polarizing in todays world which is a detriment to process of “doing better.” If you can’t discuss issues without digressing into name calling and demoralizing conversation everyone loses. C

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    1. Exactly my point. We the people must do better…we need to stop the nonsense that there is a concrete right and wrong way to look at the majority of issues that we face (obviously I don’t mean the “ist”) things


  5. What happened to the soundtrack of your life post ?? 😁
    I have major problems with our government as a whole. I also think it’s insulting to the people who vote when the popular vote never really seems to matter anyway. I am also tired of the ongoing hate from all sides. It’s tiring to go on Facebook and see nothing but angry rants. WordPress has been a savings grace, even political posts I’ve seen here people don’t denigrate into walking arguments, WordPress seems to have far more people of a balanced intellect. That’s pathetic and wrong about ACB to insinuate she can’t do her job and raise a family, reminds me of the older men I see protesting abortion clinics. Abortion should strictly be a woman’s perogitive. I once asked a guy who was protesting if he was ok with masturbating or oral sex ? He said he had no problem even though that is essentially murder as well.

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    1. Next week! I needed to get this off my chest before I could do anything else. Facebook is just one long nasty sets of commentary. The fights I see there!!!! OMG the vitriol and name calling…I don’t know what people are thinking when they engage – I just read a book that talked about the old school Catholic thing that you shouldn’t masturbate because all those seeds could have been a person…I admit I’d blocked that particular memory out

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  6. Hypocrisy is rampant in our culture and political system. Both parties have very short memories of the hypocritical things they’ve both done. But, it seems to be coming to a head these days and I can see a scenario where another civil war may be coming to this country if things don’t change. I’ve never seen the country so polarized where all people do is point fingers and spew vitriol about those who disagree with them. What we forget is when we point a finger, there are four others pointing back at ourselves. Regardless of what you think of the process of confirming ACB, there is absolutely no doubt the woman is more than qualified to sit on that bench. Unfortunately, there are too many people who think working together just means the other side concedes to their way of thinking. If they don’t, they are labeled as intolerant, racist, socialist, etc. We’ve completely lost the art of discourse and our universities are a prime example of this. But that’s a rant for another day. xoxo

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    1. You nailed it- they think working together means one side concedes. How did that ever come to be? You can’t have it your way 100% of the time…first of all…what made that particular person omnipotent?
      Sandra Day O”Connor was approved by the Senate 99-0 1 abstain. Could you ever imagine that happening now?

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      1. Based on how some people criticized Sen. Feinstein for complimenting Sen. Graham after the confirmation hearings, and how the Girl Scouts received backlash for a congratulatory posting to ACB on her accomplishment…..I doubt if we will ever see that bipartisanship again. It’s really sad to think there are people who actually think those with opposing views are evi, don’t deserve to have an opinion, and are automatically wrong.

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      2. I just don’t get that attitude at all? What good does that do? Isn’t that hating someone solely because they are different? I thought we were against that this year?

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  7. I truly do worry about all the hate and hypocrisy we are seeing in this country and we have very poor examples of decency in leadership. I hope sanity returns to our culture someday. Of people had to speak face-to-face instead of nearly anonymously on social media, would it start to make a difference? I don’t know.

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    1. I think face to face is going to decrease as time goes on. Meeting up with one another seems to be pointless in the society that we are creating. I hate the Zoom thing and I am avoiding it as much as possible while still having a life…I don’t like the communication via screen approach

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      1. I think some people prefer this…I miss seeing body language, and over zoom I have trouble figuring out facial cues…and being in front of a screen…it’s like talking to the tv

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  8. It’s easy to point fingers at politicians as the source of today’s ills, but stores are boarding up in preparation for the election and I’m guessing it’s not congresspeople tearing through MACY’S or smashing Starbucks’ windows they’re worried about. We, as a people, need to take a moment to consider the roles (lead or just supporting) we play in this increasingly nasty and chaotic culture..

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    1. Exactly. We the people are creating this mess…politicians just give us the license to be idiots. Do you know the management company of my building asked us if we wanted armed guards for election day? Apparently, many of the higher end buildings have already done that. Talk about hypocrisy…

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      1. Have you ever watched the movie: Idiocracy? We watched it a long time ago..pretty silly stuff, but we had a few good belly laughs. Watched it again a few days ago..and we weren’t laughing quite as much..😬

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      2. It’s Saturday.. pop the corn, grab a beer, watch the movie. Don’t think less of me that we watched it.. twice..it’s awful goofy..BUT (disturbingly) thought provoking.

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  9. It’s politically incorrect to say that the kids will suffer if ACB sits on the court. Still, seven kids is a lot. I know. I’m the second of seven, and my mom was overwhelmed most of the time. No one felt like they got the attention she deserved. But I’ll bite my lip about it because no one would ever say a man with seven kids shouldn’t be a justice. It’s not fair, but we still make these judgments about women.


    1. That’s my point” no one would ever tout that as a reason for a man to not do something. I will not judge someone else’s ability to parent…ever. I’ve seen parents of one child with unlimited time and resources suffer as well…there’s no magic formula…

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  10. True. Parties change their name when errors are discovered and moral hypocrisy. Lets be big an move forward. I was reading about New Yorkers hiring armed security in case of disturbances. Interesting. This was within the enclave of very wealthy apartments.

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    1. I just mentioned that to someone else. Our building management company asked if we wanted armed security….so it’s trickled pretty quickly to the middle class…talk about hypocrisy….

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  11. My answer to your initial question, concerning right of center or left of center hypocrisy as pertaining to an open Supreme Count seat, and the accusations of Ms Tara Reade is…both no. So…OK.

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  12. You certainly didn’t lose me on this post, because you’re stating your opinion, and I don’t “dump” people or blogs for that, whether I agree with them or not. But I very much agree with what you are saying: we’re so obsessed with wanting everything our way that we’re destroying our country and each other. No one gets their way all the time, and no group gets to decide how everyone else lives, all the time. For God’s sake, it’s time to compromise and grow up!

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