I never thought buying shoelaces would make me feel old.

You know what shoelaces are?

Do you ever replace them?

A few months ago I told my Husband I would pick up sneaker laces for him. One would think this would be a simple endeavor, however, after visiting three stores and purchasing a cool pair of Converse, I was still shoelaceless….

I went to DSW first. You would think that a big shoe store would have laces for sneakers…


Modell’s- a sporting goods store? Nope. Admittedly, Modell’s was in going out of business mode, so it was more that they had already sold out.

Foot Locker? Remember, all that Foot Locker sells is sneakers. ALL THEY SELL IS SNEAKERS… I went to the really large Foot Locker on 34th Street (note to visitors- 34th and 42nd Streets have been traditionally tourist shopping destinations. Normal New Yorkers do not usually shop here, but when you need a mall like row of stores, this is where you go) I asked the first sales associate that I saw when I entered…

“Where are your sneaker laces?” I asked.

“What?” She said

“Laces” I said.

She still looked confused.

I pointed to her own sneaker laces…

My laces broke in my sneakers. I need a new pair.”

She looked at me as if I had thirteen feet. “Oh we don’t sell those. Don’t you just get a new pair when the laces break?”

OK- I get that she works in a sneaker store, and their goal is to sell sneakers…

But, has it come down to us throwing out sneakers because the laces break?

I guess I’m just old school. If the sneakers are in good shape, I just buy new laces…

Am I the only person who still does this?

Do we not even attempt to fix things when they are broken?

Do we get rid of things when they still have so much life left?

But anyway…

I did find the laces. Famous Footwear.

But I made sure I bought two pair…

66 thoughts on “Tie It Up

    1. I dont really wear tennis shoes much but I have replaced shoe laces before. I definitely don’t buy a new pair when the laces are bad, lol! That is insane. I’m like the most frugal person on the planet so I avoid replacing something completely if it can be repaired for cheap, lol! Great post

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  1. Wow. Why would sneaker stores not carry shoelaces? And why would they assume you’d want to re-buy at $100 pair of shoes for want of a shoelace?

    I haven’t looked for shoelaces for a long time, and that last time they were for boots. I bought them at the boot repair shop.

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    1. Ok. At least you’re young and you understand my point. I really thought it was an age thing. Normally I go to shoe repair shop but this was actually over the summer when many stores hasn’t reopened yet, and the shoe repair place in my area when out of business. But it’s going to come down to buying things like this online

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      1. Exactly! And this is a huge store considering it only sells one thing. I mean, how do you not have them by the checkout?


  2. This is not the sole reason I have a computer, but it’s right up there. I just search for what I’m looking for and behold! There it is – and with a number of choices. I’d still rather buy on-line than go into a store, even before Covid. I detest shopping.

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      1. I tried that option but have found that I vary in sizes just enough to make that not an option until I’ve remained a particular size for over a month. Muffin top is my downfall!

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  3. Great post. I walked into a Foot Locker store in the Mall looking for a new pair of sneakers. I was advised that they no longer carried anything wider than standard width shoes. I am a “D” which is not abnormally wide. It’s a size that most shoe stores carry. But not these assholes. People are falling all over themselves to buy Foot Locker sneakers. Luckily, I’m no longer one of them. Buying their sneakers was always a compromise for me. I was never crazy about Foot Locker sneakers, or New Balance, or Nike and the other standard brands. Fortunately, I discovered Ecco shoes. They are the best walking shoes I’ve ever worn. And they are stylish too. They have sneakers and walking shoes that are biometrically designed. Maybe a little more expensive than the average sneaker, but well worth the added expense. Goodbye Foot Locker and stores like them. It’s always fun to leave the herd behind and walk on the wild side comfortably.

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    1. It comes down to us not being the demographic they pursue, meaning we actually buy shoes that fit, not the hot new trend…Ecco does make a really nice product though. But these large chain stores…I don’t know what their business philosophy is

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  4. Years ago we had the same experience when the shoelaces on my husband’s hiking boots snapped. He needed new ones of a particular size. We eventually found them at a regional Walmart-style store, hidden on a rack by the Customer Service Desk. It was ridiculous to the nth degree.

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  5. I’ve been walking outside for 26 years, and I’ve never broken sneaker laces. I replace sneakers when they wear out, so evidently I’m harder on the shoe than the lace. I’m sill appalled at the girl’s response to buy new sneakers when the laces break.

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    1. This was actually in August, when things really hadn’t opened yet, and my local shoe repair place closed up shop. I think the ones in my vicinity all went out if business

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      1. Sad about shoe repair.

        Chicago — restaurants cannot serve indoor dining anymore — all outside. HOW will that happen, it’s cold? A tent with heaters? They have no money already, can’t afford more COVID stuff. These poor restaurants.

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  6. OMG! We went through this very same thing on Sunday. Steve need new shoelaces too. First we went to Brown’s Shoe Fit and they didn’t sell any. Then we went to DSW and they didn’t have any. We were not patient and said to heck with it and went and grabbed hamburgers and fries instead! Guess one more thing we have to buy online!! Ughhhh!!

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      1. I think some people just go without!?!? I remember my mom used to take the laces out of our shoes if we wore the shoes out before the laces. She had an entire shoebox full of laces….In retrospect I could use that box now!!

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  7. If I were you I would have bought their entire stock. LOL yes, I do the same and have the same point of view – “if it ain’t broke” kind of thing. I don’t understand the whole consumerism mentality. But, it may also be my age haha


  8. I’ve definitely replaced lots of shoelaces. Sometimes I can get them in a local supermarket but anything other than plain black or white is very happy to track down. 🙂


  9. Great post, and true for the UK too. Shoe repair shop, or outdoors shops only hope. This will be another reason why the oceans are filling up with rubbish. I would never buy new shoes if the laces broke!

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  10. Funny about shoelaces. I was just looking at a middle schoolers sneakers the other day and thinking, “What about tying them up?” and then realizing perhaps he could not because it had like a special knot design or something. Whew. I might keep my old sneakers with the laces for now.

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  11. I mainly wear sneakers and when I start to get foot or knee problems I know it is time to ditch them and buy a new pair. I am probably out on a raft all by myself, but when I wear out a pair of sneakers, I SAVE the shoelaces. They come in handy for all sorts of things including replacements for shoelaces with a problem.

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  12. Repair instead of buy, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!! 😁 It does seem that way now, we are truly a throw away world. I often tell people about how I used to be able to take apart and repair my first washing machine and dryer, but that was when mechanical parts were just that and not circuit boards. Children are not taught how to sew anymore, I know adults that can’t even sew on a button, let alone turn a hem. I could rant about this one for hours. 😁 Now these a blog idea.

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    1. I know. I realize that most of our appliances are tech driven, so I get why we can’t just take off the panel and tinker, but basic things….they’ve become lost in the shuffle


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