Technically, I was born in the last official year of the baby boom generation, on the cusp of Gen X. According to my daughter the American Studies/History major, I really would be Gen X because I was not born in reaction to the end of WWII as I am the oldest child.

But anyway…

It doesn’t mean I don’t have strong feelings against the term “OK Boomer”…

I think it’s sort of mean to dismiss an antire age group because of their age…especially calling them old and out of touch…

I like to think I am somewhat “in touch”. I should be able to get some sort of passing grade if I were to take a pop culture quiz. I read Buzzfeed…


I used to read Buzzfeed…

Here’s the story (OK maybe I am old because it’s taken be awhile to get to the point I’m making…)

Buzzfeed does a lot of lists: best Netflix, best life hacks, best hoodies, etc. They also do a best cheap product listicle. I recently saw one about a really inexpensive, yet effective bra.

So I bought it.

Worst decision ever.

Worst bra ever.

OK…worst bra ever for someone over the age of 40…

It was uncomfortable. It gave me a rash. It made the girls look weird…

Total waste of 19.99…

So here’s my conclusion. I am too old to get underwear recommendations from buzzfeed, and I am OK with this.

Call me Boomer anytime…I’ve earned the right to better under garments…

55 thoughts on “Hey Boomer

  1. Maybe the bra wasn’t a bad choice due to age related issues – maybe it was sag related. Young and perky and pointy look weird to us who are now only concerned about comfort and getting the damn things off the minute we get home. My girls don’t want direction for fashion anymore, just the sigh of relief when they are in their ‘new normal’ natural position.

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    1. It was the material that was actually the worst…I seriously got a rash because the lacy material was just cheaply made. And it was supposed to be a minimizer, but all it did was push mine out sideways….I looked like a Picasso….

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  2. I am right in the middle of the Boomer age group and I have had similar experiences with things I find on Facebook. Cute sweatshirts that take forever to arrive and then aren’t even close enough to fitting, even though I ordered my size. I think all of those things come from China. No more. I will stick with what I know.

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  3. This gave me a chuckle. I am definitely a “boomer” and I’m okay with that. I remember my parents and their friends trading lots of stories about the war; about who died and how they were related to soo and so who lives on the bend (or wherever). It gave me a great sense of the sacrifices made. I think we were the lucky ones, born before technology blew up and therefore have better personal skills (for the most part) than the present younger generation. Don’t come at me – I am not tarring the whole generation with the same brush as I’ve met many stellar young people – I am thinking (with sorrow) of those who cannot seem to handle face to face interactions but prefer to communicate via text or social media. But that’s a whole other thing.

    I have never bought a garment through online shopping. I watched my daughter be disappointed too many times so I learned not to. Haha

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  4. I don’t know that I would have ever taken underwear recommendations from buzzfeed even if I were of a certain age. I’ve ALWAYS had peeves about materials and textures which has made me ridiculously picky when it comes to bra shopping.

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  5. Those young’uns is using the term ‘Boomers’ to mean anyone over the age of responsible. My son’s teacher, last year, was asked if she’s a Boomer by her fifth-grader who had an older sibling. That teacher was working her first job out of college, so was close to 20.

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  6. At least your generation is acknowledged. I am so tired of the articles that compare millennials to boomers, and push Xer’s under the rug. We do exist. But it seems we don’t in the mind of journalists today.

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  7. Here’s a few statistics to make you feel better as a Boomer. The Bureau of Labor Statistics state Boomers represent about 30% of the population yet control 77% of total net worth in our country. Economic Policy Institute says Boomers still have a net worth 3x that of younger generations. We are the first generation to radically support causes like women’s rights and civil rights. And, we don’t shy away from technology because we were in on the ground floor of its development. We have an actual work ethic and bring a level of experience and wisdom younger generations can only dream about. And, I’m not sure I’d take Buzzfeed’s recommendations for anything! 🤣 So, raise that glass of wine and celebrate being a Boomer!

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    1. The vickis close to me closed, and when I needed bras, a lot of the stores in my area didn’t have fitting rooms open…but, I did end up finding a decent on online from someplace else

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  8. I don’t like “Okay Boomer” because it’s both name calling and dismissive which go against my values. I’m not just saying that because I am in that age group and like you, my birth had nothing to do with the end of WWII.

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  9. Colder weather means sweaters and coats which means can you really tell if I’m wearing a bra, or not? Ha.


    GenX and Boomers are 3 times more likely to build a successful startup business in today’s economic climate than any other generation. I have heard this twice, from an expert who has done it. Because…


    Take that, people who say Ok Boomer. 😛

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  10. I finally graduated from the 5 for $25 (or whatever it was) VS underwear bins. I felt I not only deserved better fitting underpants but a better (more age appropriate) shopping experience.

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  11. Ha! LA, that is an awesome post. Excellently written. Due to COVID-19 I’ve done way more shopping for clothes online than I’d like, and, yep, owning it, an age thing I’m also okay with. Needless to say, I’ve given away a few items. 🙂 Have a great evening.

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  12. I know being a boomer has gotten a bad rap, but we lived indifferent times and learned important lessons and changed the world for good because we learned from our mistakes, shouldn’t everyone? Bra recommendations aside (really put these aside) we still have the capacity to learn from others mistakes.

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