Corn Maze
First attempt at making fettuccine
Sorry…not ready for it to begin to look like Christmas…
The outdoor dining structures are beginning to gain more definition. I wonder how long before things are this are considered “buildings” and will have to adhere to codes and regulations…
This is the burger from my favorite pub…Molly’s
The Guggenheim
The main exhibit at the Guggenheim was about rural vs urban like. They say that only 2% of the world is urban, yet it’s estimated that 70-80% of humanity will congregate in this 2% area…
Untitled (Pink Felt) Robert Morris
Jackson Pollock
Cherry Blossom Symphony Alma Thomas
Pumpkin patch
Solid first half, average second half
Sometimes…you need a Green Day
Total trash….but I will discuss it at some point…
Ask me if this book had a fun premise and wasted it…

47 thoughts on “Highlights October 25

    1. 😉I thought the concept was interesting, so I read it despite less than stellar star ratings. I hate when someone has a unique take and then makes the book totally cliche….

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      1. Exactly! This was about a woman’s smart home appliances deciding to run her life cause she’s doing it poorly. They underplayed the robotic, machine aspect of the appliance where the appliances miss human emotion and clues. There was room for real humor and understanding and life lessons embedded there, and tried to make appliances too human….didn’t work

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    1. We do this every year. It was actually a record tome for us….13 minutes. We finished so fast my daughter debated going back in to find all the puzzle piece clues they leave for you….my daughter is a savant at these things. If you could be a professional maze runner she’d do it…

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  1. These are so awesome, but I have to ask: When sitting at one of the outdoor tables, does the server come to your table for your order? I was just thinking, it’s getting cold outside now, how would that work in winter? Just curious.

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  2. What was the kitty reading, like to know what is on her reading list. Love the Guggenheim, my favorite, the urban information is a tell tale symptom of what we need to take care of in the environment to make city living more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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    1. It was a switch being from the male perspective. But I was surprised that it was written by a woman…and I’m one of those readers who doesn’t really care male/female writer

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  3. Sorry love christmas, blame my mom, so that picture got me all warm and fuzzy. I’m glad I read the comments on Ask Me Anything. It itrigued me but after what you were discussing, I think I’ll skip. Thanks for posting and for the pictures. Vam goh is my favorite artist. The Starry Night is my desktop wallpaper.

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    1. I love Christmas…after thanksgiving, if we have it in July, and October it takes away of the specialness for me. I like to celebrate all the different seasons and holidays. Starry night is one of my al time faves!! My guess is someone on my blog is a pic of it because I love MOMA

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  4. The homemade fettuccini looks delicious, I made pasta a few times, really fun when my daughters join in and bring a bottle of wine! I’m so not ready for Christmas this year? Maybe it’s the pandemic? Love the kitty! C

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  5. I love the Van Gogh maze idea. A little early for Christmas for me too, but the pumpkin patch is great. You have certainly stayed busy; your post is inspiring. I want to get to the end of every day and look back and see at least one fun, inspiring, or adventurous thing I did that day. Angst over the “news” doesn’t count!

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    1. My goal is to do something I love every day….sometimes is going somewhere. Sometimes is cooking. Sometimes it’s just a mug of tea and a book


  6. I think my EWs are at least a week behind since they just recently started being forwarded to me in CA from TN where they were the previous province of my-about-to-be ex-husband who only consulted them so he could schedule what he wanted to record and watch during the few hours he may have been sober and was not otherwise engaged in online gambling and who knows what all else. Bottom line – he basically was and is not interested in pop culture I am but don’t get to partake in it very much currently for basically the same reason as everybody else in the world right now which leads to me a question for you…Is the Guggenheim open and/or where did you get the photos?
    Another “joy/benefit” of our new normal/abnormal life is that now ALL the holidays (and related shopping days) are starting (and sometimes ending) earlier now. My daughter just now complained to me that all the Halloween candy was gone from the shelves at “her” Target well before the holiday, and that Xmas decorations (and I suppose candy, too) have already taken over. I had to tell her “Honey, that started even way before Halloween” and now there will be multiple Black Fridays vs just being limited to day after Thanksgiving which I seldom joined the crowds at before, anyway.

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    1. Museums are slowly starting to reopen here..(the Guggenheim reopened I think three weeks ago) You have to reserve a timed slot in advance, which is even a bit much for an advance Ed planner like I am) and yes…Xmas stuff in Home Depot in early October….crazy

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