My tea society zoom meeting…we sampled a green tea and a white tea
I can decide if this reindeer is supposed to bridge fall and Christmas
Zoom book club…Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell
Apple Bread Pudding
Live music in the park
This is a gimme for my playlist…
Entirely blah….
Equally blah

My other highlight was attending a lecture given by one of my daughter’s professors. He used some of her work for a project. Seeing your child’s work displayed never fails to make me happy. But what’s better is seeing your kid’s face light up when they realize the Prof has shown their work….as they wave across the room “That’s my thing! That’s my project.”

39 thoughts on “Highlights October 18

  1. So fall reindeer huh?? Not a fan. Even less of a fan when the reindeer start popping up in red/white/blue in stores. I suppose manufacturing/retailers will push things as long as there are people who will buy… Can we now just say Happy Universal Holiday and be done with it.

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  2. Your “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”page about how being grateful has the power to change your life by thinking more about the things that are right is spot on. I have always loved that way and I think it serves me well. The more you do it, the easier it is. Congratulations to your daughter.

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  3. How wonderful for your daughter, and for you to be there to see it (virtually?).

    Octoberfest looks festive! Wish I were there.

    As for the “reindeer” my dear, that is a trophy buck. Selling it in NYC is ridiculous, but fall IS hunting season.😁

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  4. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff pics were great reminders so high I’ve to you for featuring them! But I must say the mom highlight was super sweet! Anytime you have a mom-look-at-me moment that they don’t have to announce, and you’re actually looking is GREAT! Nice post!

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