The bakery down the street from me makes the most amazing tea lattes.

I was slowly becoming addicted to frothy milk in my beverages.

But that froth comes with a price…and I could foresee that tea latte’s were about to become an integral part of my life.

So I invested in a coffee frother…

I am so grateful for my frother because I”m saving money and I’m giving myself a little treat every day…

41 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday October 16

      1. It was too strong for me. I preferred coffee from Dunkin’ Doughnuts or home. It was a nice treat but I think when I need to do many things and not stop all day long into the evening.

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      1. That’s dense foam. It has three other setting..light foam, heated, and cold foam. Figuring it’s going to make awesome for heating milk for hot chocolate

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  1. Beautiful photo. Glad you took the plunge and bought a machine to do-it-yourself. I know the feeling since I bought a Ninja blender to make my own smoothies. Blenders may be standard fare for most people, but not me. Enjoy!!!

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