That pumpkin is at least 500 pounds…it might be the 700 pound one…
New York Botanic Garden
I am not a baker, and I usually buy premade pie dough. but, this pandemic season I’m going to work on baking/ pie dough
American Folk Art Museum “Baptism of Rev”
“ The Tree of Light” Hannah Cohoon AFAM
“Two Dreamers” Harry Lieberman AFAM
Scene at LEGO Store Flatiron
“Personas” Jewish Museum
Destruction of the Ghetto JM
“Good Times” Rachel Feinstein JM
“The Shack” Rachel Weinstein JM
This needed to be on the playlist this week
RIP Eddie….
This is the cell phone holder I painted
Bursts, arugula, delicate squash, pumpkin seeds….Follia
Cookies and panna…Cafe Panna
Movie night
On one hand, a beach read. On the other hand, some terrific insights. On the third hand, trite. On the fourth hand, surprisingly deep. I can decide how I feel about this book…
Deborah Kass JM
Guess what! Right boots, right size, left and right boot!
Another book I vacillated between brilliant and bleh….

What’s on tap for this week: what is selfish?, friendship boundaries, adult kids at home, are cities dead, and Friday…favorites or something I HAD to discuss? What will I be grateful for? What will I read? Listen to? Cook? Eat? See? All this right here on this very blog….

Happy Week!

Pie crust from good

Ingredients1 1/4 c. all-purpose flour1 tbsp.

sugar1/2 tsp. 

kosher salt1/2 c. 

(1 stick) cold unsalted butter, cut into small pieces


  1. To food processor, add flour, sugar and salt and pulse once or twice to combine. Add cold butter and pulse until mixture forms pea-size crumbs.
  2. Add 2 Tbsp ice water, pulsing until dough forms large clumps and holds together when squeezed (if necessary, add remaining water 1 tsp at a time). Do not overmix.
  3. Transfer dough to piece of plastic wrap and shape into a ball, then flatten to form 1-in.-thick disk. Wrap tightly and refrigerate until firm, at least 1 hr and up to 2 days.

26 thoughts on “Highlights October 11

  1. Three things jumped out @ me as I read through this one…first, I smiled when I saw the Van Halen “Jump” photo. For several years, I’ve talked about that song being one of the songs they play @ my funeral, Secondly, I had a case of pumpkin envy flitter through my brain when I saw that picture. I love to putter in the garden, and believe it or not I have not yet cracked the code on consistently growing pumpkins. There’s more to it than sticking the seeds in the ground and keeping them weeded. Maybe next season 🙂 and finally, pie crusts from scratch. I’ve dabbed in that as well, with limited success. Went out this morning and picked some end of season Cortlands, planning to wrap a couple of them up in home made pie crusts, our neighbor made for me last year …ie baked apples. Nothing says fall like the smell of apples baking when you come in the house. keep us posted on your pie crust experiments. 🙂 later! DM

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    1. I found a recipe from the good housekeeping website. Best so far. It’s done in a food processor with butter. My issues were not separating it into two parts when chilling so that I could roll out each separately. I will add the recipe to the bottom of the page. And those pumpkins! Amazing!


  2. Eddie Van Halen… I used to dream about that guy.. now my dreams feature things more like that scary skeletor in that bloody seether pic above..ugh. Loved the “life balance” of having the delicate squash photo right above the ice cream.. 👍 Lastly, I’m glad you have both boots.

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  3. Fascinating pictures. Wish I had the energy and my shoulder was totally better to do a lot of things, but I’m kind of a homebody, so those fun outings are not too often. But I can vicariously through your pictures. 😀

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