No one likes the block editor.

It’s illogical.

There’s no reason to do it

It’s change for change’s sake.

People are going to stop blogging because of it.

Nobody likes change.

I get all of that.


Imagine being a teacher, who now has to teach students virtually.

Imagine being a student, who now has to learn virtually.

Imagine anyone who has been forced to change the way they live their lives, whether it’s dramatic or not…

Can they give up?

Yes they can.

Should they give up?


Will they give up?


I understand the difference: no one has to blog. No one’s life depends on whether or not they blog. People just like blogging the old way, with the classic editor…

But life doesn’t always work out how we plan.

Do we fight the change?

Do we concede and just do things the new way?

Do we openly embrace the new normal?

Do we talk about the good old days?

Do we quit?

Change happens.

How will you react to it?

91 thoughts on “Friday Favorites:/ Block Editor Edition

  1. I actually don’t mind the block editor at all – but then I only started blogging here when it was already in place so I learned to work with it from the getgo. But with the community lashback this change has begotten I do wonder how WordPress will proceed 🤣

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    1. If you dont know any differently, it’s fine. But I dont think they’re ever switching back, so it’s either adapt or stop blogging


  2. We are so used to following a routine, taking ‘control’ of our lives, we find it difficult to adjust to the new normal. Block editors or virtual classes. I believe this pandemic is a lesson for all human beings to understand nothing is constant.
    End of philosophy class. 😉
    Speaking of block editors, there is something weird with the rating block. Say I give a book 3 stars, the block adds an extra ten stars to it. This is what we call “Fault in their stars”. 😛

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  3. As a former classroom teacher the county I worked for jumped on every bandwagon there was so I am very use to having to implement “new and (supposedly) better tools” to enhance the learning process. Most of the time we just sighed and shook our heads – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! I am relating this to my experience with block editor – still using the classic version but playing around a little with block editor on the side. Just wish it came with some sort of a cheat sheet to guide me more specifically. I feel like the blindfold has been removed and I have to find my way back on my own instincts.

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    1. I seem to be using a hybrid of block and classic, but I don’t even know how or why ….sometime one toolbar shows up and then the other? This thing seems to have a mind of it’s own….

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  4. I use the block editor on occasion just to get more used to it, but I still have access to the classic editor and when I’m not in the mood to ‘think’ beyond typing words quickly, I admit I choose to use what I’m familiar with.

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  5. For the time being, I’m opting to continue using the classic editor. When and if that option is no longer available to me, I’ll learn the block editor. Right now, there’s enough unwelcome change in life; if I can defer this one, it’s one less thing to annoy me.

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    1. I am following this path as well. I have recently had email exchanges with two “Happiness Engineers” at Automattic (WordPress), because they asked for feedback. When you tell them how much people hate the block and that new and different doesn’t mean better, they just say Try it, you’ll like it. They don’t care about what customers want or that many people may stop blogging altogether. They are better at engineering unhappiness. Asking for feedback was just a ruse for an opportunity to brag about the Block editor. Pffft.

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      1. I agree…..they don’t care of they lose the smaller bloggers. It does seem quieter on here lately so I’m wondering how many of those have stopped.

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      2. WP doesn’t seem to understand that there’s a difference between trying it and getting used to it and trying it and liking it. It just seems stupid and complicated, unless you have a super professional blogger and want all the bells and whistles and then you often pay someone in IT to do it for you!

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  6. I find the new block editor style frustrating and confusing, but I am beginning to learn and understand how it works. But since I’m one of those people who doesn’t like change, it has been a bit of a struggle to adapt. However, I’m sure I will. I just wish one could have a choice of using the old or new permanently.

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  7. Great post! Change is inevitable in life, we are always adapting. I think with 2020 being the way it is, this change just adds to people’s tension. Everyone feels like they have enough to deal with, but … yes, in the end we have a choice.

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  8. I am working at learning many new things, including Scrivener software for my book projects. It’s not that I do not want change, but when something works well, changes that make it more difficult for no apparent reason are not welcome in my life.

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  9. Good post! I’m working with the block editor because there won’t be any choice soon. I really don’t like it, it takes longer to write a post because of all the messing about you’ve got to do with all the ‘block for this’ and ‘block for that’ 🧐 I don’t get it…why the classic had to go…it worked well, was quick and simple to write a post, add photo’s etc I’ve used it for quite some time now and still don’t like it, but it won’t beat me! By the way, I’m good with change, but not this particular one, that’s for sure 🙂

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  10. Most of the time people struggle with change because they are unsure of the unknown or the unfamiliar. That and everyone knows, change isn’t always good. But… changes can be good when they are well thought out and planned. In the case of the block editor, I cannot stand it because for those of us that use some of the apparently more complex features (since when is adding a photo a “more complex” piece?) you have to really dig into all the different places (and there are a lot of different places to look) to find what you are looking for. IMO, it may look like a simpler product, it is unnecessarily complicated, illogical, and difficult to find where the classic version had everything you needed right in front of you and easy to find and use at all times. As a general rule, I don’t always balk at changes, but I hate changes that really aren’t well thought out and are crammed through just to have something shiny and new or changes that are made just because and don’t have an real purpose.

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  11. I got so frustrated with block editor that I upgraded my WordPress to be able to install Classic. I’m happy as pie once again — except they load block editor and I have to click a few things to get back to Classic every single time I want to to write a blog post.

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  12. I’m a teacher so I feel as if I’ve already been dragged through the mud this year, begging for a daily reprieve, amazed by the tenacity of my students! So this editing change seems minor in comparison, just another annoyance to add to the compost pile, it’s all smelling like manure! I might mention I’m in a shitty mood. C

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  13. I have come to terms with the block editor. Never one to put off the inevitable, I switched to it months ago when we were told the classic editor was going to be removed. I remember complaining about it in a post or so. Within a few weeks I could do everything I had done before. Perhaps many bloggers do intricate things that do not translate easily, but for me the transition was not difficult.

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  14. I like the new because I was forced into it lol when I was arts editor for The Finest Example Blog, I had no choice. But I eventually got used to it and really like it. I think I am in the minority.

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      1. Yeah I’ve noticed that on multiple blogs. But at the same time I’ve been working in digital imaging for over 21 years so I feel I have an edge on handling application changes easier than others, now on the other hand if WordPress.Com turned into WordPress.Org than I’d leave blogging behind. The block editor is still easier than doing any kind of coding, I can’t do that for shit.

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  15. Hate the block ed, That bar that comes across the post I am trying to write drives me mad, I can’t find half the things I want/ used to use, and as for adding links!!
    It takes for forever to do anything.

    To your other question, If I have no choice I change (very very slowly)m if I have a choice I do not.

    Bright Blessings

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  16. Here’s what I don’t like…don’t tell me I can opt for the classic, but then make me choose every single time I start typing. Just let me choose it once..for my blog..for good..and leave me alone.

    Maybe there’s a way to do that..and I’m missing it.

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      1. Haaaate it. I didn’t write at all this week and to be honest, it was a relief. I find the new editor to be a horrible distraction and for a stream of consciousness/conversational type writer like’s the equivalent of the phone ringing every new paragraph..very intrusive.

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      2. I feel like I’ve heard that before..I think it was my kids..why, yes.. when I dropped them off at college..usually followed up almost immediately with an urgent request for beer (I mean book) money.. 🤔..LA, are you running low on funds for “books?” 😂

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  17. I have no problems with the block editor. I actually like how I can easily move things around. I’m sure I‘ve yet to discover all the things I can do with blocks. My biggest issue is with plugins and when things that used to work don’t work anymore. Or I don’t like the “improvements”.

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