Imagine a flashback sequence:

LA talks about how having too many choices is a bad thing.

She mocks the fact that stores carry multiple versions of the same product.

She condemns peoples that are particular when choosing things.


Our stealth reporters have found evidence that the very same day that LA condemned options, LA spent FOUR HOURS looking for a new pot because she was having trouble finding the EXACT pot that she wanted.

Here’s a list of her demands:

  1. non stick
  2. dishwasher safe
  3. 10 inch diameter
  4. curved bottom
  5. at least 2 inches depth
  6. oven safe
  7. cover
  8. less than 50$

See- no pot could meet her very exacting standards.

She didn’t think there were enough options.

Let that sink in- LA stated that there weren’t enough options.

Here she was complaining that people had too many choices, that the abundance of options made them weak and whiny, and here she sits, ipad in her hand, doing the exact thing she condemned others for doing.

For shame


When reached for commentary, all LA could do was shake her head and say “I have no comment about my search for appropriate cookware”

But really, what can you say about a person who writes an entire blog about how we should only be presented with one or two options of a product who that very same day breaks the rule?

Can we call her a hypocrite?

Yes…I believe that we can…

After much hounding by the press, LA released a statement on Twitter:

“I ended up with no cover. There is no such thing as a perfect pot.”

36 thoughts on “The One Where LA is a Big, Fat Hypocrite

  1. I blame the stores/producers for making us this way. 🙂 Like me standing in front of the shampoo aisle – I always end up buying one of the three brands I usually do (influenced by what’s on sale that day) and forgo the sixtymillion other choices. 🙂 But that doesn’t mean I don’t waste precious time staring and contemplating the stupid choices… lol

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  2. Good to call yourself out, but sometimes you have to be particular if you want to live the life you envision. Just saying, no harm in wanting a specific pan. After all we are talking about food here.

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    1. And the pan really is exactly what I needed/wanted so worth it. It all depends on if you’re buying for something you’re passionate about as opposed to just needing something

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  3. I have this problem when looking for say a dress for a special occasion. I have in my mind what I want it to look like, the color, the material as well as the price only to find out that no one carries the “Unicorn” dress.

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    1. Right? You get a picture in your mind of the perfect dress and then you feel,like you’re settling because you find something that’s great, but just not what you envisioned

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      1. It is so frustrating, so now I am trying to narrow my searches to places I know carry what I want. Shopping has become a different game now. I have been searching for a dress for my son’s wedding next year (being positive that it will go off as planned) and I have been searching on line and searching by my parameters, which to be honest cuts down on my choices, but I will order these on line to try on at home. Here’s hoping.

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  4. I know this is probably a stupid question, but did you try Ikea? Their pots and pans are well made, inexpensive and can be used on induction stoves like mine. I don’t think you can find better pots and pans for the $.

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