Salted Caramel
Hill Country Barbecue
My daughter made a cheese platter for movie night
I bought myself a milk frothed…now I’m obsessed with tea lattes
This is half of a pancake wrap from Brownstone Pancake Factory in Englewood NJ….took three people to eat other half…
Some leaves
Apple picking
Back on the 5 train
Should have been better
Too predictable
As I was a little bit off last week, this song just made sense
My daughter and I saw Boys in the Band on Broadway…same cast as movie
This was really good
The new historic doll is from the 80s. Now I feel old.
Solid read

43 thoughts on “Highlights October 4

      1. I have two books at a time. At least one is an easy read. I read for 45 minutes at about 4 in the afternoon. It’s my break. That’s when I read the more literary, or non fiction book. When I go to bed I read until I’m tired. Usually about 45minutes, but that’s always an easy read. I also always have my reader with me so if I’m stuck on line or mass transit I can read. I also read really fast

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  1. Warwick, N.Y. sounds so familiar. I am sure I visited, also. Those are great things to change: think of the things you say and how you can revise them. For example: I always think some people are so lazy but we might just have a different way of doing things and a different set of priorities.

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  2. Random responses:
    Boys in the Band was good!
    I miss Apple picking. (Notice how much phone autocorrects to a capital A?)
    I read 3 books this week but two of them were pretty short. If you like Anna Kendrick, I just finished Scrappy Little Nobody this afternoon and it was entertaining.

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    1. We borrowed my father in laws car (technically my husbands car because he pays for it but now I’m digressing) but that was a whole endeavor in and of itself.

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