If you read my posts last weekend, you know I had issue with a pair of boots I ordered.

But the story continues:

Here’s where we stand now-

  1. Website crashed as I tried to order
  2. Lucky to get discount code
  3. Free shipping meant sending the boots on a vacation before they got to me
  4. Received boots on Sunday: wrong size (wide calf) was sent
  5. Spoke to customer service and got new boots sent
  6. Returned wide calf version to my local DSW store
  7. Received correct boot. I emphasize boot because though they sent me the correct boot, they only sent me one boot
  8. I repeat: they delivered one boot
  9. On with customer service yet again
  10. Received new boots yesterday
  11. Received wide calf version of boots, but at least there were two in the box
  12. Emailed top five executives at DSW and asked how many people at DSW does it take to get a pair of boots delivered
  13. As I’m writing this, I got an email that I have a package downstairs. It could be cat litter that I ordered. It could be boots.
  14. Do I feel lucky?
  15. ?????

76 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: The Boots Edition

    1. Omg wrong again! This is insane! I was on the phone with the head of customer service yesterday. I have her number…..omg is she getting a call


      1. There’s no marking on the outside of the box to indicate they’re wide calf. I think it’s an error somewhere else in the system. But still….this is there job


      1. What I don’t understand is, why did they send you a boot. Did they want you to hop around? As if wearing masks and roaming around isn’t ‘exciting’ enough. 🙄

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  1. Oh my, reminds of the time I went into my local DSW and wanted to make sure I was buying the correct shoe size, and three people had no clue how to do that and the one person that got the measuring tool, told me to stand in it and asked ME to read the measurement. I said I didn’t know how to interpret, they told me I was better off going to shoe maker ????

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  2. A few thoughts- #1..getting cat litter delivered..don’t you keep waiting for the day when these companies suddenly realize what they are doing and start charging for litter delivery? 😂 #2..I can feel your pain..you are in the customer service worm hole of darkness..don’t let it destroy you..it’s hard, but the goal is to re-emerge as a whole person..preferably with a boot on each foot #3..I bet delivery folks absolutely HATE cats.

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  3. My daughter (two cats) lives on the third floor, outdoor steps, no elevator. Litter delivery was a life changer for her..and probably a life saver for her cats! HAHA..it just seems to be too good to be true..like they’ll catch up to this good deal one day and be like this is WAAY too sweet a deal..

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      1. Just keep reminding yourself that no matter how many boots you end up with (including possibly zero) you still have that precious litter delivery– hang on to that truth..life is still good. 👍

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  4. You are clearly not meant to have those boots… Perhaps an alternative: accept the wide calf and get multiple sets of leg warmers to wear inside. Should fill things out nicely while not influencing the foot itself. And you will be ever so stylish as you do your 80’s aerobics routines! Don’t forget the matching headbands 🙂

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    1. My daughter agrees that I’m not meant to have them. Here’s the wide calf issue…I actually have really slim calves. Even “normal” width boots are too wide on me, I tried them on….it’s like I could fit both legs in there

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  5. OMG – that is hilarious! Well to read, not to experience. That is exactly why I hate ordering online unless there is a nearby store I can return it to. I would have given up after the first mistake.

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  6. Well, phooey. I’ll be interested in knowing the final tally for how many people it takes to get your perfect boots to you. Good question.

    [Fwiw, I’ve had success shaming companies on Twitter. A photo, a tweet, and suddenly they’re interested in helping me.]

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  7. I think it might be my back-order of luminescent thongs with added glitter. I had them sent to your house since it’s closer to where I dance. Thanks.

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