I recently got into discussion with my blog friend Anne. We somehow began discussing expensive mistakes and decisions that we’ve come to regret. I’d mentioned to her my kitchen floor, and was about to tell her the story, but I realized that I should probably write a post about it.

About ten years ago we redid the kitchen in our apartment. We have a very small galley kitchen so colors were important for both practical and esoteric reasons. At the time I was into earth tones and neutrals, and I went with a medium tan cabinets with some gold highlights. I chose a countertop of matte black with gold flecks, and for the floor I went with the color reverse, gold with the black flecks.

My Husband had given me no input at all about choices. He was perfectly fine just sitting back and watching the show.

Until it came to the floor tile.

Upon seeing the floor tile that I had picked out, the conversation went something like this:

Him: It looks like someone threw up on it

Me: It’s a high traffic area and it’s small. The light shines down on it. This tile will never look dirty.

Him: I want a shiny black floor. Big Tiles

Me: You can’t do a shiny black floor in here. Kid, dog, you…it will look dirty all the time. I’m telling you. You will regret this.

Him: You picked out everything else. M (his best friend who was a bachelor and the time and never cooked) has a black floor and it looks really nice and he said everyone has black floors.

Me to myself- OK- that’s a really good reason to pick out a certain flooring…

Me (to him) Fine- I’ll have the contractor bring samples

And so in our kitchen we have big shiny black tiles that my husband picked out.

And my husband absolutely hates the floor because it looks dirty five minutes after the floor has been washed because it shows every speck of dust and the lights look straight down on it.

You know. Like I said.

Honestly, the floor doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would.

Because every time my Husband comes up with a stupid idea or decision, I just say:

Remember the kitchen floor

I may have lost the battle of the kitchen floor…

but I won the decision war

65 thoughts on “The Tile War

  1. Winnie the Pooh wallpaper in the kids’ bathroom. Looked adorable on the roll, like a bad LSD trip on the wall. I knew it was a mistake the minute I plastered up the first pricey sheet.. but felt I was stuck with it..literally..but then came Hurricane Andrew and there went the wall..with the ugly wallpaper…so yeah- there’s a silver lining in almost every disaster.

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  2. I love it! I also have a small arsenal of “Do you remember when you…..” to fall back on. But now he doesn’t remember them. Pity, because some of them are ‘beauts’.

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    1. To be fair, we didn’t fight about it. I pointed out why I chose the tile and decided it wasn’t a battle I was choosing to fight. Now it’s more a reminder of what happens when you don’t think out a decision.

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  3. This really made me chuckle. You were brave to have those black tiles in the first place. We once lived in an apt. with a tiny kitchen and beautiful white marble tiles – it was the same. It always looked dirty and drove me insane. Every speck or crumb stood out glaringly on it. I hated it with a passion. People who visited often commented on what a beautiful floor it was and I’d tell them how hateful it was. Thankfully, I didn’t have to live there long.

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    1. It’s one of those things that I’ve learned to live with. I give a quick mop at night and then forget about it. Though I have considered getting one of those cushy kitchen mats because my kitchen is so small one if those would practically take up whole floor…

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  4. Funny story. In 52 years my wife and I have learned to compromise on decisions. Ex: she wants brown carpet I want green….we get brown. She wants white appliances , I want chrome….we get white. Getting the idea?

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  5. This makes me SO grateful that my hubby is similar enough in his tastes to me that this hasn’t been an issue! Now I just need to remember to NEVER, ever use an eggshell finish on the walls even if it might be easier to clean.

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  6. When we replaced the counter, flooring and added a backsplash to our kitchen I went with neutrals because I felt if we sold it it should be blah. If I had it to do over, I might change the floor to something with a bit more style, I would still choose a quartz counter which I love but maybe a lighter color, still like the backsplash (tumbled stone). I have figured if I do anything else I will choose the style or color I like because I am living with it, who cares after I am gone. Black floors…God bless you.

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  7. Lol! When I was 21 and getting married, I moved into the apartment my now ex husband lived in. It had a very masculine rust and steel blue kitchen. I wanted yellow. I picked a bright cheery color that basically glowed in the dark, it was so bright. 😂 We lived there for a year and I’m guessing the next renters painted over it. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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  8. Years ago, I ordered some expensive living room furniture. The saleswoman asked, “Do you want your husband to look at it before I place the order?” And I said, “Why? He doesn’t care and will go along with anything I pick out.” It was true then and remains true to this day. As for your floor, have you thought about a washable area rug from “Ruggable?” At least you wouldn’t have to look at the floor.

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  9. I recognise they words but the subject matter is a mystery to me. floors should be brown and speckled, just like my shirts should be gravy-coloured with a pattern of splashes. Embrace reality, use magnolia paint and worry about something worthwhile. Don’t wash floors, write blogs. Simple.

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