I am forever in awe of creative people, those who think outside the box. And then I came across this quote by Steve Jobs:

Creativity it just connecting the dots. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after awhile.

I thought this was a pretty brilliant way of explaining any form of genius. Genius is seeing things that others don’t. Alas, madness is also often seeing things that others don’t…

Very fine line between madness and genius. However, is it possible to be a genius and not crazy? Or not to be thought of as crazy?

Whenever I hear an idea that’s a little off the beaten path, I get excited. I love the possibility of things that change the course of how we think, how we do things, how our lives are lived. But I’m a questioner.

It’s no wonder that a cat is my favorite animal. There’s that old adage about curiosity killed the cat, because I am always questioning things. I am forever wondering “what if”. I never lack for things to talk about or think about or read about or discuss… Though I am clearly not claiming to be a genius (insert madness here) I do sometimes feel a little bit odd when someone asks:

How did you think of that?

Because the answer is simply:

I don’t know- How did you not see it?

I feel a little odd that amidst a pandemic, I seem to be flourishing with ideas. (now if I could only finish King Lear…) I’ve seen other bloggers vastly reduce how much they’ve written. And maybe my ideas aren’t all diamonds but just the rough, what matters more, the finished product, or the spark to put something on paper?

What is it to be creative?

Is it producing something with universal appeal?


Is it making something groundbreaking that some may or may not like?


Is it just thinking with an open mind?

Can I consider myself creative?

This particular post is not particularly groundbreaking. But what does it say that I was able to read a random quote and be so intrigued by it that I jotted it down and thought about it enough to write about it?

What if this post was to lead me to my own theory of relativity? (Ok- no chance of that, but you know, I can dream…)

I was watching an episode of a TV show last night. One of the characters gets a static shock. This shock literally makes them come up with an idea for a problem they’ve been trying to solve.

How many things have started this way? Something happens, even something mundane, and it makes the person think

All of a sudden a pattern forms in front of them…

And different parts of the pattern begin to emerge:

Dot: you read a quote

Dot: You write it down and think about it

Dot: You answer the question of a blog friend

Dot: you watch a tv show

Dot: you write a post




What path is that one quote going to lead me down?

Is someone going to ask me: How did you think of that?

And am I just going to reply:

I just connected the dots…

41 thoughts on “Dot to Dot

  1. In between the dots are little stumbling blocks called “what-Ifs”.

    For the Steve Jobs, they are almost invisible. For others they are barriers shrouded with fear and other ridiculousness.

    I’m in between Steve and the others. In the process of kicking over the annoying barriers. ๐Ÿ˜

    You, of course, are more of a Mrs. Jobs type… ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. I’m forever connecting the dots and tossing my ideas to my husband so he can bring them to life. Poor guy deals with the continuous, downstream consequences of my “creative genius.” HAHA!!

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  3. I like where you went with this. I agree that the chance juxtaposition of various ideas or occurrences can lead to โ€œaha!โ€ moments that seem quite inspired. Genius or crazy. Depends on the beholder, I suppose.

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  4. I have occasionally gotten the whole “where do you get your ideas” kind of question in the past. It is quite honestly one of the hardest to answer because most of the time there really isn’t any kind of process behind the ideas that can really be explained. I could maybe point out some of those dots, but those connections and thought trails don’t always make sense to others. I’ve always held the belief that some of the best authors (just to pick out a single example of creatives) had to be at least partly insane with all those voices in their heads. In a way, when you are a highly creative person, you do have something like a whole other world going on in your head at times and anyone who hasn’t experienced that kind of thing is probably going to think “crazy” because they don’t have the ability to comprehend that experience.

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      1. The visualize thing is HUGE! My daughter doesn’t do the whole visualize thing (aphantasia) and some of the conversations we’ve had about that have been mind boggling. She is incredibly artistic, but only from a “reproducing what you see” thing and not “create it from nothing but your mind” thing because she can’t do the visualization. It really solidified the idea that those that have the most creative abilities have characteristics that are also very similar to or in line with what is often considered the less than sane.

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  5. LOved the post LA and that quote will stay with me.
    I have always felt that the difference between “crazy” people and “not crazy” people is that the former don’t allow rules and norms to define them or cage them. They talk out loud whatever the latter thinks in their mind and do not tell aloud because they have been trained not to.
    So a crazy thinker will not let the rules and the definitions restrict their thought process. That way, they see a pattern in the dots and connect them to create something beautiful.

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  6. And because I have NO thoughts at this time, I figure I’d end your quote about” Curiosity Killed the Cat” with ” but satisfaction brought it back”.

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  7. Creativity is the gift that keeps on giving once you tap into it. When I hit upon an idea and start cooking it, it’s sort of like when I’m driving somewhere and I arrive there, only to think to myself “I don’t remember getting here!”.

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  8. I agree, creativity doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It’s a way that our heart and mind responds to the stimuli around us, and all it really takes is the courage to express it. Sometimes what we come up with pleases other people, sometimes it offends them. But it’s still good for us to tap into that.

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  9. If I wrote down all my random thoughts for a week and saved it to read later I might well think “how in god’s name do you get anything done?” I am thinking it would be a good way to focus, but knowing that I was writing thoughts down, would they be random?

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    1. I had an assistant who used to follow me around with a pad and write down everything I said because she knew I would be going 1,2, 3, 10, 13, 22, 28 and she had to fill in the blanks

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