My family takes a two week vacation every year.

Part of it is practical: my Husband works in a job, for a company, that makes you take off two weeks in a row (consecutive leave) to make sure there is no fraud. (oddly, in January of this year many banks have gotten rid of the consecutive leave policy as there are now way more checks and balances in the system)

Secondly, I am of the mindset that I’d rather take one long, well planned out trip than a bunch of short trips.

Obviously, this is just not going to work out this year.

However, since we entered Phase 1, my Husband has been itching to go away. He asked me to find some spots to vacation.

I was against this from the beginning. I’m rather frugal and I didn’t want to spend the money if I wasn’t going to get the ultimate experience. I look forward to getting away and if I go somewhere, I want things to be open with no restrictions.

But I knew this was important to him so I researched.

Found a spot.

Told him.

He said- “Hmmm. Is everything going to be open?”

I kind of looked at him.

He said “No” to the first spot I chose.

Notice I said first.

Because I was to repeat this exercise four times.

I would actually make a reservation. In fact, if you were to look in my planner you would see a cancelled reservation from tomorrow till Friday. A hotel that I’ve always wanted to stay at had finally socially distantly reopened. True, things would be restricted but there would be hiking and some outdoor things. The spa was open. (I mean- you had me at spa…) I was OK with this.

But three weeks ago my Husband yet again questioned if it was worth the money to go away.

You know. Sort of like I said back in June.

I have no doubt that my Husband will want to go away again. But we add a new wrinkle in the mix, because now, if we go away, he wants to visit his Mother. In Florida.

And he refuses to now look at going away in December that does not involve visiting his Mother.

Which I get in theory.

But in reality he doesn’t want to spend the only away time we have this year going to visit his Mother in the middle of a pandemic to a state where in all likelihood he will have to quarantine upon return.

So he sits and stews. And lets guilt overcome him. And my only hope is that he seeks some sort of peace and atonement with this decision today.

No good decision ever came of guilt or fear.

Yet that appears to be the only way we make decisions these days.

42 thoughts on “The Vacation Conundrum

      1. The spa sounds wonderful. We had to change our original destination because of wildfires but we’re going to a luxurious hotel instead later this week. And I’m not doing the planning which is just the way I like it.

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      2. It’s my least favorite part of travel. We talked about travel over lunch on Saturday – all of the places I’d like to go, places I’ve been, places I’d like to return to, places I’ve never been. Let the spoiling begin. 🥰

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  1. Do it! Do it! Do it! The whole Florida quarantine thing is just dumb (political?)..unless you are coming down here to go to a huge wedding or spend a few days in a dark, seedy bar.. that would be dumb in all 50 states, not just Florida.. 🌴..But no matter where you go, no matter for how long, just get off the hamster wheel for a bit..see something new..even if it’s just the inside of a nice hotel and spa… do it! You will be so refreshed and soooo glad you did!

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  2. Currently on vacay and there are so
    many pros and cons. Some of the hikes we want to do are closed due to narrow paths that don’t allow social distancing. I could go on and on with the pros and cons but won’t!! I hope you get away! Steve’s Mum is in Florida as well so I totally get wanting to go there, but his Mum isn’t ready for us to visit yet.

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  3. My husband and I took two two-week trips thanks to airbnb. Since he has to work remotely, he didn’t get time off, but we had the freedom to leave the house! We went within driving distance to the mountains and beach. The change of scenery and outdoor walks and hikes was wonderful. I understand why he wants to visit him mom, though…

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  4. Hmm I agree you just don’t want to spend a fortune on a holiday only to find you can’t do anything and every where’s closed! I chose London and really enjoyed myself but then you live in New York so a city is out. HOWEVER LA you and hubby will feel better for a holiday, I’ve heard Hawaii is opening up.

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  5. It’s tough! We’re looking at two trips—one to the beach for thanksgiving with our son and his wife, and another to Tennessee at Christmas with our daughter and her bunch. We were all supposed to be together at Christmas, but the darned virus interfered with our plans. I’m so sad because I wanted all of the grandkids together for the holiday, since the eldest two are both seniors in h.s. this year and who knows if we’ll be able to corral them after they graduate.

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  6. Mmm sounds a little like that here, hubby wants to go away, I refuse because I can’t see the point when you have to wear a mask everywhere, and can’t get a cuppa after a long walk. Good luck

    Bright Blessings

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