Blueberry cake….I need to remember to photograph before I cut into it
See that orange sign? That means they’re going to film something. Haven’t seen that in months
Union Square Farmers Market
Customers are no longer allowed to get their own produce.
Color me Mine
Painting some pottery
I can tell you how to get to….
My friend M and I were interviewed for our local news
My daughter and I splitting breakfast. I might have to buy a milk steamer
Virtual book club
Guess what? My boots came? Guess what else? They came in wide calf version…and I’m assuming you get that I don’t have wide calves
Who’s a pragmatic optimist?
Thanks to The Home Edit my new favorite term is Backstock
Last week I told you about my record number of 5’s….you should never brag because this week I got a record number of 3’s
Message from my daughter while I was cooking dinner…yeah…good times….
Very very average
Memoir about renovating a house. Went slightly different than I thought it would
My ear worm song of the week

41 thoughts on “Highlights September 27

  1. I ordered two new planners for next year too! One is my life planner and one is my weight journey planner. Love the doggie bags! Really pretty shades for the pottery painting. How exciting, a movie AND an interview. Can I have your autograph? Thanks again for sharing your week.

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