Back in March I realized that my knee high leather boots, which are one of my favorite things, were getting a little old. Back when I thought the pandemic was eventually going to end, I wrote in my planner for September 20-

buy new boots

On September 20 I pulled up DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) and began searching for boots.

I am grateful for being optimistic.

I found a really nice pair of riding boots at a good price.

Grateful that they make riding boots for show, that they had a size 7M in black.

I was about to buy them when I looked at the time and knew that I needed to start dinner or we would never eat. So I put them in my cart.

After dinner was over and we had cleaned up, I sat at my desk to purchase the boots, but first I checked my email.

Lo and behold DSW was having a three hour sale. 40% off everything plus free shipping.

I was grateful for a 40% off code.

However, because 40% off everything and free shipping is an amazing deal, I wasn’t the only one trying to buy boots…

Their website had crashed.

After trying for a bit to see if the website would revitalize, I gave up.

At 10:30, I gave my email a check.

I am so grateful that DSW had sent a new code, thus extending the 40% off period.

So I got my boots at a ridiculous stupid price.

Two days later…

So I got a notice that the boots shipped from Holbrook New York which is two hours EAST of NYC. The notice said delivery tomorrow.

When I didn’t receive a package, I looked at tracking info: The boots were in Pennsylvania- 3 hours WEST of NYC.

FYI- unless you are on a plane or boat. you MUST drive through at least part of NYC to get from Long Island to literally anyplace else in the contiguous United States.

The boots are now scheduled to arrive this coming Tuesday as opposed to last Wednesday.

So the thing I am most grateful for is that my boots have been able to do a gap week and explore their wild oats before they lead a simple life here with me. Just hoping they brought me a souvenir pocketbook from their travels.

55 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday September 26

  1. Funny, I had customers come in my store telling me they wanted riding boots, well, since we sold them I began fitting them they way should be if you were actually riding! When they finally blurted out that they didn’t want them tight they just wanted the look, I could go from there, but mostly I would suggest DSW. I glad you are getting a good price and that your boots are getting one last fling before settling into the city.

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  2. Haha! I have this experience with books. Mostly I just borrow from the library to my tablet but I have a list of the “hard to find” books that the library doesn’t have in their collection. I’m also cheap so when I do buy I buy used. They draw from booksellers across the country. Inevitably when I order a book from a seller one state below me in Oregon, Portland actually which is a 2 hour drive, I watch it travel down to Nevada first then back up to Oregon then finally to me here in Washington. Apparently my books want a night or two at the gaming tables prior to sitting on my shelf…

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  3. I once had to ship a package to a small town about 40 miles west of here. When the person called to say they hadn’t received it, I checked the tracking and discovered that the package was in some town in New York, 1600 miles east of where it was supposed to be. Talk about packages going traveling….

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      1. Right?

        Another time…. when I travel abroad, I mail postcards to the the kids in my life. In England, I mailed cards to 3 kids who live in the same house. I sent the cards from the same post office at the same time. The younger two kids got their cards on the same day. The oldest’s card arrived two weeks later…

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  4. Shipping anything lately seems to be insane. I’ve either shipped or received several packages over the last few months and it seems that large portion of them end up in places they never should have gone and it takes about twice as long to get them because of that. Sadly, that isn’t with just one shipping company.

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  5. So the thing I am most grateful for is that my boots have been able to do a gap week and explore their wild oats before they lead a simple life here with me. 🤣🤣🤣 I love your sense of humor! xoxo

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