Since July, I have been a fountain of blog ideas. I’m not saying they’re all good: I’m just saying that I am literally seeing topics everywhere.

We know I write ideas in my planner. But, did you know, that I’m going to have to block out December 25th soon so I don’t schedule a post about hemlines or something for that day?

The blogs I’ve been penning recently? Some of these ideas are a month old or older. I came up with an idea yesterday and wrote it down for December third. (Spoiler alert: it’s going to be about the Japanese concept of ikigai)

So, with all this roundabout language, what I’m really trying to say is that today’s blog has an origin story.

One of my neighbors broke up with their significant other. We talked about the heartbreak and the sadness. If apologies work in a case like this. Would they get back together. The stuff that rom com’s are made of.

The stuff that rom com’s are made of…

Oddly, I just finished a book on Sunday where the main character and her boyfriend break up.

How often is this theme used in literature and film? (Hello Ross and Rachel)

Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Boy gets girl back again.

How many times have we seen that storyline?

What is it about a breakup and reconciliation that draws us in?

Why do we need to see a couple suffer before they are happily ever after? (I know I know- happily ever after is an overused theme too, but that’s a whole other can of worms, but perhaps we will tackle that on 12/7…)

In reality, how often does the course of love run smooth?

I know more couples that have broken apart before they eventually came back together than couples who just stayed the course. Even to use the Friends analogy (yup, still occasionally watching the reruns) Ross and Rachel were on a break, Phoebe and Mike broke up, leaving only Monica and Chandler to just tough it out.

Do we like to see relationship turmoil in fiction because it mirrors our actual love lives for better or for worse?

Do we like the thought that even if we screw up, there’s a huge opportunity for a second chance?

Where would we be without forgiveness?

Where would we be without second chances?

To go back to my original paragraph, the couple I spoke about are now in the second chance phase.

Yay for love.

Maybe I’ll write a book about them…

36 thoughts on “Same Song, Different Day

    1. It’s a blessing and a curse. Like today’s blog was originally supposed to be about heartbreak and such. But with the couple reconciled my original idea didn’t jive anymore. But then a new outlet just appeared. I guess pandemic has made me more introspective and given me cause to question everything. I don’t know if that’s good or bad

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  1. It somehow seems human nature to need a stressor like a break up for people to appreciate what they have in a partner. I’m not talking a big blow up kind of break up based on things like cheating or being awful to each other. More of a need to flex your wings because suddenly all those heavy emotions feel kind of scary and confining. That need will show up in any number of ways and often a couple will break up for a while because of it. Now this isn’t always the case and doesn’t always mean a break up, but it does seem to happen a lot (I was one of those overwhelmed/run away types, but figured it out in about a day thankfully). I think it is because it is such a common thing that it shows up in the themes for literature, shows and even music.

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    1. I think you’re into something. Sometimes I think it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the feelings or the situation and you need to step back to reassess. It doesn’t mean you don’t love, it just means that you need to clear your head

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      1. Sadly, not all of us recognize what is going on in our heads at the time, thus the break up. It gets us that space and time we need to clear our head, even if it isn’t the best way of doing so.

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  2. I’ve been wondering about romance and relationships, too, as I’ve been listening to friends’ stories of cheating husbands. They’re so broken; why are they dating again? We’re either masochists or really crave affection.

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  3. That is a good question. Why do we like fiction where they get back after a fallout? Probably because they portray those characters as if they were meant to be together. And we start thinking that they will not be happy anywhere else. Or in some cases we feel a known devil is better than an unknown angel/devil.
    I love that you are a fountain of blog ideas.

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      1. I’m not great at conflict either. Which is why boy loses girl is appealing. Is usually a misunderstanding, so it’s fake conflict and we are rooting for them to right the course

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