Egg and cheese croissant at one if my favorite little cafes
The bar/restaurants have taken to putting TVs outside for football season
Wondering what’s on his playlist…
I made frozen s’mores cake. Don’t be impressed…it’s one of those desserts that you make out of other ingredients that are already prepared….but my family did love it, so there’s that…
Doors for Doris Sam Moyer
Without these Trail Blazers….
Robert Burns
I told you a few weeks ago that some parks are placing circles on the ground so you know where to sit
Is a group of scooters a biker gang in training?
Pastrami, matzah ball soup, and friends
My new computer. Haven’t named her yet…
Movie night…Do the Right Thing
Really good book
Up close and personal with my cat
Fun, light read
I got four 5 star rating on my design game this week….lucky week
RIP RBG….you will be missed. Thank you for being a hero to my daughter, and helping her learn to just keep trying.
This was on my playlist this week, and really spoke to me…
John Singer Sargent Madame X. This is my favorite painting at the Met. It amazes me that it was considered risqué in its day….
Mary Cassatt Mother and Child
Degas The Dance Class
My shadow is not part of the art

48 thoughts on “Highlights September 20

  1. That croissant is ‘not fair’ I exclaim as I’m dutifully eating my morning yogurt! Oh and I noticed, your cat has some attitude – course (s)he IS a New Yorker, right? And that quilt series, most excellent…I’m googling it now.
    Thanks for the glimpse into the bigger world beyond the cloisters of COVID.

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    1. This little bakery is just perfect. They do a tea latte with steamed milk…I could cry it’s so perfect. And yes..the cat is all cattitude… the quilt…I never saw it before. Blew me away. Amazing

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  2. First, I went to school with Beth O’Leary. But I know she didn’t write that book. Two, congrats on your 5.00. Gorgeous patio. And last, The Met. You are so lucky to be able to drop in. The last time I was there, Degas mesmerized me, too. Especially his bronze sculptures. I’m not sure I’ve seen Madame X. Love her and your city! Thanks for the tour.


      1. I miss having a cat, but my husband really doesn’t like them and their litter box. Since we lost Park I have been getting used to not having to take care of a pet. I have to go over to my son’s house to get my kitty fix.

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  3. You do more in a weekend then most tourists can fit in in a 2 week vacation! Everybody is talking about the croissant, but all I can focus on are those FRIES!

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  4. So your cat is giving you that “totally over the paparazzi” “you in my face for a picture again, really? Who you with, LA magazine? I’ll give you a’s this look..?”

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  5. Love NYC!
    My favorite work of art at The Met is Princesse de Broglie by Joséphine-Éléonore-Marie-Pauline de Galard de Brassac de Béarn. I remember seeing it for the first time when I was a kid and how it mesmerized me.

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