A couple of weeks ago, my computer went down for the count- power supply out. It was an old computer and had never worked particularly well either, but it was my first blogging computer, so it felt a little special…

Alas, I had not backed up my pictures in awhile…

I am grateful for my friend P, who also happens to be an IT guy. He is in the process of recovering the rest of my photos that went unbacked up.

I am also grateful for P for helping me make the final decision for my new computer. I figured out which one I wanted, but was unsure about getting the latest and greatest (yet minimally reviewed newer model) or the well received older one.

Cheers to having friends that know more than you do!! Which in my case is all of them…

76 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday September 19

  1. I had to get a new computer as mine was okay if I didn’t want to go online so bought a new laptop, which has a very big learning curve, but am getting used to it. I backed up my pictures and some documents, only to find out that my pictures could not be put on the new one as they were not compatible, ugh!

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  2. Having computer problems is always such a pain. Glad you are getting yours resolved. I have a feeling I’m going to be on a hunt for a new one for my daughter soon and I’m so not looking forward to it.

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  3. Yes. A little pocket IT person would be appreciated. I like the You Tube tutorials. Of course that doesn’t guarantee success. I too, have pictures in excess on my computer, iPhone and iPad Too many “i’s” to wrangle. Happy blogging on your new computer.

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