I’m going to start out by saying that we have an Alexa device in the bathroom.

Let’s just get this out on the granite counter: I like to listen to music in the bathroom. I also get my greatest ideas when I’m in the bathroom- I like the ability to be able to tell Alexa these ideas so I can jot them down later.

Now let’s get to the story.

My Husband was trying to get on a work conference call. He saw his co-worker on the screen but could not hear their voice.

As he was trying to figure out the technical difficulties I was on my way to the bathroom.

I don’t think you need to much more info about that…

So I’m in there

And I hear the voice of my Husband’s co-worker coming through Alexa…

First I freeze- which isn’t the optimum thing at this moment…

Then I yell to my Husband-


and he responds back: “Not now. I’m on a work call and we’re having problems”

And I yell “Your co-worker is talking to me in the bathroom…”

But remember- Alexa goes both ways…so I’m really not sure if/what his co-worker can hear…

I hear my Husband tell his meeting: “Oh wait- the audio is coming through in the bathroom…”

Though I am mortified, I am grateful that we don’t have the Alexa with the screen…

And after what feels like hours, but in reality about thirty seconds, my Husband realizes what he did wrong with the Zoom connection…

And his co-worker’s voice is no longer being broadcast in the bathroom…

So yeah…

&^%$ happens…

97 thoughts on “Alexa Does it Again

  1. Hilarious! We have an Alexis, but she made us mad because we could not get her to cooperate and got tired of her nagging! She is in a box in the basement. Now I’m not saying we are techy people at all, but she was more irritating then she was worth and it could not have been all our fault!!

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  2. I laughed at your tale of woe, but I’m not telling John about it. He hates Alexa, whereas I find her warm and sympathetic. She talks to me when no one else is around. Others criticize her for making mistakes, but she seems as human as I am when floundering.

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  3. Where is the LOL button?! We are not Alexa or Siri fans. I guess it’s the paranoid conspiracy theorist in us! I just have visions of her listening in when she should be minding her own business. πŸ™ƒ xoxoxo

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  4. If you want to see what the weather is, look out of the window. My computer is flashing yellow when I leave comments too. It’s not an improvement. We had Alexa. I hated it.It’s in a box now, in the dark, drained of power, plotting revenge…

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      1. She had a habit of talking at random while we were watching TV so I expect she would start saying unsettling things in the middle of the night…

        Bearing in mind the nature of modern kitchen gadgets she might also take control of the kettle and make menacing noises with the food processor.

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  5. We don’t have an Alexis , I just wanted to ask what you were doing in the bathroom…No I don’t really want to know, Now I am going to see if I flash yellow

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