Street art
Dim sum at Ping’s Seafood…better with friends
Found a Chai Tea shop….so cute!
Us open
Be excellent to one another…
First time on subway since March
Red panda Central Park Zoo
I don’t know if it’s Betty or Veronica
Social Distance
JG Melon
Burger at JG Melon
Apple muffins
Fires in Space Agnes Peyton The Whitney
Claus Oldenburg Giant BLT the Whitney
Liza Lou Kitchen The Whitney
Frida Kahlo
L’Amico Nomad

45 thoughts on “Highlights September 13

  1. My fav highlights of the highlights: appropriately socially distanced bird, goats…always goats, OMG apple muffins, nostalgic sexism, a Kahlo that I’ve actually never seen before-thanks, kitty face!

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    1. The socially distanced bird was clearly my favorite! I was so incredibly thrilled when I saw that! It was just perfect! The ads for cosmetics! Those were my faves, but some of these ads were just crazy!! And the muffins were delicious! I bought the silicone muffin molds…seriously awesome purchase because easy to clean and saved so much muffin sticking! The Whitney just reopened and they have an awesome Mexican art exhibit… cool Rivera’s too, but the Kahlo….perfect


  2. Great collection! Love the socially distant bird (now just how close did you get to take the photo?). Liza Lou’s kitchen would send me to an asylum right quick, but I liked the other art. The animals are all keepers! Sweet puddy tat.

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