Every night I go around collecting the masks my family has used that day. I put them in a mesh laundry bag so they don’t get lost in the machine. Husband and daughter think I’m a little nuts. They don’t quite get why they should change their mask every day.

So I said to them…

You should change your mask as often if you change your underwear

They looked at me blankly.

So I’m grateful that I have other things that I’m good at, because I’ve definitely failed as wife, mother and family matriarch.

44 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday September 12

  1. I live in a household where I am the only female, so the “blank stare” you got when you said to wash your mask as often as you wash your underwear was right on target! lol It’s like talking to yourself and hearing dead static.

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  2. It’s times like these that I’m grateful for the OCD tendencies of my two younger kids amd my hubby. My oldest is the one that would probably have gone a few steps beyond just the blank stare. I still shudder when I think about how nasty that room was after OC moved out.

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  3. Ha! Don’t blame yourself, when our children were young, we had no idea that the rules of wearing a face mask correctly were ever going to be something they needed to know. As for husbands, well….maybe they are treating their face masks like underwear. Who knows if they change them daily or not?

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