We are going to go theoretical today.

Every person has a widget in their body. Hunans can’t live without a widget. If someone’s widget begins to fail, the Doctor’s must perform a widget transplant. It’s hard to get a widget because obviously, you have to wait for a widget donor, and it has to be a match.

Got me so far?

A widget becomes available.

The next three people on the list of donors are:

1) A- 50 year old. History of alcohol and substance abuse. Overweight

2) B-73 year old. At stage where everything is just a little off

3) C-23 year old. Medical Student. Takes excellent care of body.

Who would you give the widget to?

What is the 1,2,3 order that you put them in?


Now, look at the person you put first to get widget. What if they were your nemesis? Would you still want them to get widget first?

What if your third choice was a relative? Would that impact your decision?

Think of all the external factors. Are there any things that sway your mind to switch the order that you initially created?

What do you personally think about when making a decision? Do you look at just the facts, or do other things sway you?


On a side note: my computer crashed yesterday. I’ll be using my iPad until I get a new computer, and I’m worse on my iPad than my computer. So expect errors and such

59 thoughts on “Which one?

  1. Because this is theoretical, I’ll throw in Spock as the educated guy with logic over emotion approach and Bones as the educated guy with a more emotional over logic approach. For myself…’either/or’ has never been an approach that meshes well with life’s challenges…why not ‘in addition to’ and make an ***informed*** decision?
    You asked!

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  2. I would want the 23 year old to get it first. Toss up between the other two for second place. Would need more info about the 50 year old before deciding whether he/she should be in second place.
    If it was a relative that would make it trickier, but for the most part I think the 73 old would be last on the list.
    People like the Olympic beach volleyball player Kerry Walsh Jennings who said it is brave not to wear a mask would be in my own separate category, and they would be last on the list, regardless of age.

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  3. Very hard decision. What if the 23-year-old had an undiagnosed mental illness after being in quarantine for years due to the virus and was going to use their medical knowledge to go on a killing spree, whereas the 50-year-old was just about to turn his life around and start using his hidden millions for the greater good? Glad I don’t have to play God on this one. Of course since I am 65, I say give it to the 73 year old 🙂

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  4. I always try and look at all sides before making a big decision. But I’ll admit I don’t ALWAYS make the right choice. As far as a widget transplant, I would hope the questionnaire for being ON the list is more than 3 questions. So who would I give the widget to? Depends on who is sicker and who can be on the list longer to get the next one.

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  5. I couldn’t make that call, I tend go with my gut when making a decision, but to your question I would want to know all of the backgrounds after all the over weight person, and the 73 year old may well be very helpful and kind people and your young person a closet murderer.

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  6. 3,2,1
    Youngest first because they haven’t lived yet and deserve the chance to do so. 73 next because they get looked over because of age and let’s face it when are 73 you deserve to go out with a bang. So live it up for hopefully another 15 years. 50 next because of the abuse you mentioned. Without proper treatment they might mess up a healthy widget.

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  7. From my current point of view, I would give it to the 73 year old first:) They have less time to get a replacement and a harder time functioning with a failing widget. They deserve to experience more life! Then the 50 year old with issues. Maybe it would give them a new lease on life? The youngest one can probably last longer with a failing widget so can wait. So…2,1,3.

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  8. I’m not sure I could make such a decision. Likely I’d base it on age, with the younger person getting first dibs. Hopefully I wouldn’t let personal feeling get involved, but hey, I’m human.

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  9. Of course I’d consider family, first, but not if that family member were old and in ill health. Yes, I really would consider that. I’m pretty analytical and honest, and I believe everyone else behaves the way I honestly say I would when they get down to an actual event like you’ve proposed.

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  10. Based on the details you provide (and don’t think I didn’t notice your blatant hostility to those of us who carry a few extra pounds) and based purely on personal prejudice, here are my answers.

    B because I’m rapidly heading that way and they have probably paid plenty of tax.

    A has probably paid plenty of tax too, particularly on their alcohol,and clearly know how to party.

    C because they won’t appreciate it as much and because, frankly, they sound a bit dull.

    I’d probably be happy enough for my Nemesis to get a new widget, because what would a superhero like me do without a Nemesis.

    Of course family would get preferential treatment. Unless I was in line to inherit.

    Other factors – obviously xenophobia plays a part – British widgets for British People. Brits get first choice, then the Commonwealth, then people who could have been in the Commonwealth but were foolish enough to rebel against George III, then the rest.

    Bribery would work too, though not as good as being family or British.

    If you asked me to look at it from a more calculating point of view, and what society needs, my list would be C. They are likely to be of more use to the world in the next 40 years.

    A and B are just going to be a long term drain on resources so you might as well cut your losses now – no expensive operations for them.

    However, I would just rent C the new widget – any attempt to retire from being a doctor, or any attempt to move to somewhere sunnier or more lucrative, would result in immediate repossession of the widget.

    Then, to solve your widget shortage you start looking at people with healthy widgets but no other redeeming features, Political rivals, foreigners, vagrants – harvest the organs as you need them to save useful people.

    All of a sudden my first answer doesn’t look too bad does it?

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