As block editor has finally come to a computer near me, I’m going to try something today…..

Every time the song gets translated, a little piece of it changes. This is what happens in the retelling of a story. Some things get magnified, other things omitted, some things take on a new meaning.

Because this song is one many of us know, even through the translations, we recognize what the song is supposed to be.

But what would happen if we didn’t know the original song?

What if you thought you needed a star?

Does the dream need to come true?

True, the translator did a fairly decent job of translating. But how do we know which words and which ideas need to be relayed exactly?

Are we ever quite sure what we are being told from a second hand source? Or third hand?

What if the translator isn’t as good as Google translate? How do we know how good the source is?

When I played with this yesterday, one of the languages thought “lullaby” was a place, so my the time I got back to English the word had become Lalaby….

What’s my point?

I have no idea anymore. Too much copy/paste…

But just be careful when you hear something. Make sure it makes sense to you. Don’t relay stories that you’re not quite sure about.

Be careful what you copy and paste….be careful what you take as true. Listen with both ears. Think about what you hear.

Somewhere in here I have messages. If you can figure out what I’m saying, please tell me….

Too much translating for my brain today.

Too much block editor.

33 thoughts on “Somewhere…

    1. I think google has taken great pains to work in translator. I’m also sure I used a wildly popular song. I just wanted something that most people knew…seemed easier

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  1. To do what you suggest requires people to actually think. Sometimes I wonder if there’s too much laziness in that regard in this world. Just applying a rule about whether something you’ve been told is kind and helpful or unkind and hurtful would be a start. Pass on the former, delete the latter.

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  2. Interesting experiment! It reminds me of the old game we used to play in the classroom called “gossip.” You whispered something around a circle to hear how it came out through so many retellings.
    BTW, Google translate is SO much better than the first translators that were produced.

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  3. On top of the chimney top you will find me, well these a good chance they will meet Santa at some point 🙂

    My granddad just to say If you weren’t there, didn’t see it with your own eyes, and hear it with your own ears, don’t believe it.

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