St. Patrick’s
Rockefeller Center
Rock Center
You can now dine where you normally skate…picnic style
Mural in 30 Rock
Beatrix Cortez…part of Frieze Festival
RIP Tom Seaver
Mask made by blog friend TJ Fox and sold on Redbubble
I have a new writing crush…I want to write half as well as this author…essays were brilliant
Cowgirl…we’ve always celebrated my daughters report cards here. Though the place was closed when my daughter received her report card (first honors…just saying) we decided to celebrate the beginning of the school year
Yes…I write out menu every day, as well as notes and reminders of what fresh fruit is in house. My daughter added her own note…
The aforementioned Dutch babies….(I didn’t get the rise out of them that I wanted….eggs and milk weren’t quite room temp so my error all the way
You can’t really see, but they’ve laid out chalk circles for you to sit in so you remain socially distant
Ample Hills creamery…best scoop ice cream in city
Frito pie…my daughter and I have split this at cowgirl every time we go
Went to see my parents for first time since February…this is view from train

45 thoughts on “Highlights September 6

    1. It stops them from asking a hundred times both what’s for dinner and what time are we eating. It also shows when I will be making breakfast cause I don’t always do that

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  1. Absolutely stunning photos of the city. I love the quote from Leonard Cohen. I’m happy you got to travel to see your parents. I’m sure they loved the visit. Curious….does Frito pie and ice cream count as “food.” 🤣

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    1. There’s an apartment building near my house that the exterior was used in a woody Allen movie…if I remember I’ll take some pics for next Sunday.


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