This incident happened a few weeks ago, but think it’s still worth talking about.

I was walking home from the Farmer’s Market, bags of produce in each hand. Somewhat heavy. It was a a windy day as I walked along the streets of Manhattan, but in my mind there was not a care in the world…

As I was mentally singing along to my spotify playlist, a huge gust of wind blew my dress up in the air…and I mean all the way up….

Imagine if you will, My dress flung so high it’s practically over my head…

and I’m carrying heavy bags and I can’t quite get the dress down,

and I’m worried about my ear buds flying off into the avenue…

and all I could think was:

I am so grateful that I’m wearing hipsters instead of a thong…

43 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday September 5

  1. This makes me feel even better about my need to wear skin tight shorts under skirts and dresses anymore. I do it for comfort more than anything, but if something like this happened I’d be good. I have a bigger problem with my shirts since I like loose and flowy. And yes, I’ve had something similar happen with those.

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    1. I wear a lot of dresses and this has happened to me before, but this was clearly the worst time! I couldn’t get my dress to stay down and since I had bags I couldn’t hold the dress closed.

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