“Grief is the price we pay for love.” Queen Elizabeth

I came across this quote recently and I thought it had teeth.

Traditionally, when we think of love it’s hearts and valentine’s, sunset walks on the beach, intertwined arms sipping beverages, weddings and tears of joy.

When you think about love, what’s your first thought? Are you a OMG I’m in love sort of person? Or are you pragmatic? Perhaps pessimistic?

In reality, love is a multi faceted little emotion.

Imagine that when you’re in love, you get to roll a die every day:

One pip=euphoria

Two pips=anxiety

three pips=contentment

four pips=anger

five pips=selflessness

six pips=grief

Hasn’t the average person who admits to having loved feel all these emotions? Isn’t love a combination of good and bad?

Doesn’t loving someone bring on the whole spectrum of reactions?

If you truly love someone, doesn’t it mean that at some point you will grieve?

Is love a happily ever after fairy tale, or is it impossible for love to end happily?

As it’s write my blog Thursday, I ask you for your opinion:

Is it possible to love without grief?

If we had two dice, what would be six more love feelings that we could list?






50 thoughts on “Grief=Love

  1. At some point all love connections will end in some way. One person will leave either on their own, because of outside reasons or because of death. Therefore I believe all love has some sort of grieving involved assuming since you love them you will grieve when they are no longer with you.

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  2. I can think of a few more: curiosity, disappointment, resignation. No matter the labels as individuals I think we grieve for more than just the obvious reason of an ending such as divorce or death. Didn’t someone say “love is complicated” in a movie or something? It sure is and perhaps cannot be defined so easily…

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  3. Grief is part of life just as love is part of life. If you are lucky enough to love and be loved then yes at one point in time you will experience grief. Remember that famous line from “love Story” that said love meant never having to say you’re sorry? I hated that line because I thought that if you were in love it meant that at times you had to put others before you and say you were sorry. You might be disappointed or angry but you love the person so you suck it up and move on.

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      1. I get that. But sometimes I just think that being hurt is a part of love. I donโ€™t have one clear thought on that quote. But it would make a great blog….

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  4. This is such a timely post for me, currently my primary relationship is in shambles, but after 37 years of marriage I know there will be a new season, it will return, scared, and marked, maybe flowing in a new direction. This is how relationships go, how they change us, helping us to know ourselves in a way that is not possible alone. C

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  5. Deb said resignation. Yes, that is something that pops up in my head too.

    But there are many layers of love…
    Like how you love your wayward teenager is different from how you love a friend, a spouse, a romantic interest…

    Infatuation is sometimes (mis) interpreted as love.

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  6. So much this! I think it is because of much of the negative stuff that goes along with love that I tend to be so wary of relationships (other than my kids and hubby). Too many of them have ended in pain and left so little good when they were gone that I struggle to risk it anymore. I do have some amazing relationships, but the negatives have marked me enough that I can’t see JUST the positives anymore. All of it is so intrinsically tied together in my head.

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  7. Light and shade. You can’t have one without the other. I quite enjoyed the lust, but then we had kids and got old and replaced it with watching TV.

    I think the spots on the die would change over the years, but I’d still suggest double six – homicide. After thirty years you need to believe there’s a way out…

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      1. I presume that as Julia turns to look at me as I scratch inappropriately and shout at politicians on TV, that she is also thinking of murder. It’s less traumatic than divorce and the financial settlement is simpler.

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  8. Is it possible to love without grief?
    No I don’t think so, when you love you give a part of yourself to that person/animal, (yes I am including animals, I loved my pets more than my parents when they were alive, is that bad?) . So when you lose the object of your love for whatever reason it tears that part of you away. What we must understand and accept is that is you are going to give your heart you will at some point have it broken. That said that the fear of a broken heat should not stop us from loving, there is no greater gift than to love and be loved.
    Well that’s what I think. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  9. I donโ€™t know about anyone else, but sometimes my relationship goes through all six casts of the die in a day. If there were two…security, disappointments, jealousy, troubled, infatuated, resigned

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  10. I saw that quote in a book last night and I was like, where did I just see that?? It was here, lol. The book did not give the author of the quote. Lately my experience of love has been way too much grief and tiny bits of good stuff.

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