Guess what?

No click bait here.

For all you shin splint enthusiasts, this is really going to be a post about shin splints!

Now go get your favorite beverage, sit back in your comfiest chair, and get ready to read a rousing blog about my…..shin splints…

Once upon a time, I averaged 18,000 steps a day on my fitbit. March and April saw me average about three thousand.

How the mighty have fallen…

Last month the botanic garden reopened. insert angels singing here

I went to the garden and that day I logged 22,000 steps.

The next day I went to the newly reopened highline.

18,000 steps.

The next day I was rubbing liniment into my calves and standing on my toes to stretch the muscles…

Something that I could do with ease, step counts that were nothing to me, were all of a sudden out of my normal realm…

I had trouble doing what I had done only months before…

See how easy it is to get out of shape?

See how easy it is for your body to rebel?

I didn’t forget how to walk, but my muscles forgot what it was to walk…

I took my legs for granted. I assumed they would always be ready for me when I wanted to use them.

And somewhere in there is a message.

What we don’t use, we lose…

The phrasing sounds trite, it’s a useless rhyme,

but the spirit of it…

That’s important.

What in your life are you taking for granted?

What is something that you just expect to be there for you every day, yet you do absolutely nothing to keep it going?





Are there any areas of your life that you don’t take care of for months at a time, and are shocked that they’ve betrayed you?

Shin splints.

It’s all about shin splints.




39 thoughts on “Shin Splints

  1. I have been working out most days and increased my steps since the shutdown. I was using my phone but treated myself to a new Fitbit. My old gym has a virtual membership which I love. Zoom classes with my favorite instructors and friends in little boxes. 😊 I also hike at least 5 days per week. The key for me is good shoes. I just bought 3 new pairs of Saucony and I rotate them so I never wear the same pair 2 days in a row. My average step count is 14,000 per day, lowest day was 11,000 and highest was almost 26,000.

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  2. I laughed, because I’ve taken walking for granted. We still do our 2.5 mile walk six days a week unless it’s raining. Thank heavens the virus did not interrupt our good habit. Surely your shins will reward you soon!

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  3. Ouch! I’m glad your shin splints are easing now. Your post was timely for me as my husband and I are working hard on fitness and weight loss at the moment. It’s hard for me as I’m disabled (spinal cord injury) and can only walk a few steps but I’m feeling so much better about myself now I have a plan to work at. 🙂

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  4. Ugh, that really blows. I dealt with plantar fasciitis back in the day and that was no fun at all. Lasted for years and I had to put myself on a strict regimen of stretching, chiro visits and ice therapy to reach the other side. But it took a long time.


  5. I was near the end of my morning walk about 2 months ago and it started raining. Thinking my muscles should be good and warmed up, I decided to run home the rest of the way – only about a quarter mile – but nope I guess they were not. I noticed a little discomfort when I arrived home, and by the next morning the familiar feeling from my former days of running was there so I sympathize with you. Thanks so much for the reminder your post has generated – I try to be mindful and appreciative of my life – yet I am more than guilty of taking so many things for granted.


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