A month or so ago, I came up with an idea for a fiction story. I jotted it down in my planner. Last week my blog friend Querkus (I’m betting I spelled this wrong) made a comment, and my first thought was – well- that would be a great title for something.  Then I thought, that would be a great title for my fiction piece. This morning, I wasn’t sure if I felt like writing my fiction piece, but that would totally mess with the whole LA blog planning system, and secondly, I actually have a title….

So…here’s my foray into a fiction idea. Remember this is just a rough outline.

Once upon a time, there were three highly intelligent, and incredibly wealthy men. They were pioneers of a sort, blazing trails and forging paths which others had barely dreamed of. We are going to call them the GAMMA squad.

They’d conquered the monetary world. They’d conquered intellectual worlds. The only thing left for them was to conquer the actual world.

Each one had wanted to do this individually, but world conquering is hard. They decided to band together. They would put their massive egos on hold for a little while, because in this case, the greater good was worth it.

The greater good for them anyway.

They devised a virus.

Strategically, they began dropping the virus in some far off lands. They figured they might as well get rid of some foreign competition that could hinder their way to world domination.

The virus began to spread.

The original idea was for the virus to spread slowly, but our three people, our GAMMA squad, used to getting things their way, decided to speed up the process.

They started spreading the virus in other spots…

The world as we know it started to go a little crazy.

People started hoarding things.

Leaders started telling people to stay in their houses. Don’t go out unless absolutely necessary.

And the people listened.

This is exactly what GAMMA wanted. Their goal of world domination could only work if people became too afraid to venture outside.

They needed them to order all their necessities online.

They needed them to look onscreen for all their entertainment.

They didn’t want them interacting with their neighbors.

By keeping them inside they could control everything that these people did. They could control everything they experienced. They could control who they interreacted with.

They could control their thoughts.

Soon people were told to stop using cash money. For the good of the people they were supposed to use credit cards or online payment systems. Every single transaction would be recorded. GAMMA would know how everyone spent their money.

GAMMA knew who they were speaking to and when, because they were able to monitor online apps that allowed you to see others. This worked for personal as well as business. If you know what a business is doing, you sort of have inside information….What could GAMMA do with inside business info?

They were able to monitor emails because a member of GAMMA just happened to have access to one or two email networks….

GAMMA installed tracking apps on every single phone, so they could map out who, what, when where and how…

But the keeping people inside…that was an unseen bonus.

People began telling on their neighbors. People were afraid to look at one another on the street. If the general populace stopped discussing things with others, no one would ever even begin to suspect their grand plan…

It would become a world of individual puppets, with GAMMA pulling all the strings.

GAMMA knew however, that people would eventually figure out some Darwinian thing- some way to survive.

How could GAMMA get everyone to remain under their control?

These are three creative guys, so it didn’t take them long to come up with something.

“Let’s sponsor a vaccine that we will inject into all those on the world because it will make them immune from the virus.”

And they laughed as they sent hundreds of millions of dollars off to a lab to create a ‘vaccine’.

And the people flocked to get inoculated…

I’ll leave you with three things:

  1. This is entirely a work of fiction
  2. Do I have a career in fiction?
  3. Truth is stranger than fiction


31 thoughts on “We’ll All End up in SPAM Anyway

  1. What do you mean by “Do I have a career in fiction?”. Is that even a question to ask. This story is mind blowing. 😁 Also, say the bigwigs dig deeper into the current global pandemic and hold GAMMA squad responsible, you will be famous.😎 The next Dean Koontz. 😉

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  2. I plan on getting a vaccine. I used to work with another nurse who had been in the Army. He refused to get vaccines after leaving the army. He believed the Army put mind controlling drugs in the vaccines—so I wonder if that is what the gamma squad plans to do?
    I’m sure there are people out there who believe a sort of gamma squad exists, and that Bill Gates is a member.

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  3. I’m not saying the Gamma Squad is real or that I am in any way affiliated with it, but we’d really rather you put an end to this whole ‘fiction’ business if it’s all the same to you.

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  4. Art imitates life. Not so much fiction as fictitious history. I believe your story is very accurate. This whole virus/political anarchy/cancel culture reality we live in now reminds me of a quote from the movie Never-ending Story that says, Those Without Hope Are The Easiest To Control. Now, add a chapter where we all regain our senses and overthrow the evil forces that are bend on destroying us!! 🙃

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  5. An injection of nanobots should do the trick, microchips are so 1990s…

    Good to see you worrying about messing with “the whole LA blog planning system” – you are far too organised and anything I can do to advance the cause of anarchy is all worthwhile.


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