Guess what happened on Thursday?

I reached 1000 posts!


Cue the confetti!

I am grateful for:

  1. having 1000 opinions
  2. knowing a lot many words
  3. being just verbose enough to write 1000 posts
  4. having a decent internet connection
  5. people to share my thoughts with
  6. coming up with 1000 titles
  7. not ditching my blogging efforts because I was having trouble titling something
  8. still not caring what a widget is
  9. being able to come up with 1000 reasons why I blog
  10. knowing that I should stop with ten reasons why I’m grateful for blogging

72 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday August 29

  1. If I ever reach 1000 posts, I will, at best, have come up with 999 titles. Because the other day I realised I had used the same title twice in my (to date) 759 posts. What was the title? Perhaps appropriately it was ‘Scraping The Barrel’. Anyway, congratulations on hitting the big 1000.

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  2. Congratulations …..that’s quite an accomplishment!!! I enjoy reading your blog, especially when you talk about your everyday-life type of experiences in the “big city”……..since it is so different from mine here in a little village. It’s fun to see how others live so differently than we do. …and yet there are also things that are universally the same or very similar. Here’s to 1000 more!!!

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  3. Congratulations on your 1000 posts! (I have no idea how many I’ve written, but a fair few.) This amused me greatly and I appreciate that SO much. You are what I am grateful for in this very minute. πŸ™‚ I especially liked the widget line.

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      1. I have not control over any of that..I keep telling my husband I don’t. Last night we were watching TV (another shocking documentary) and Alexa just started talking and turned the LR lights on. I’m glad he was there for that..he wouldn’t have believed me if I told know how it goes, “You sure you didn’t say anything? You sure you didn’t…blah blah blah? You sure you…” πŸ™„

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      2. The Keepers-I’d love to get your opinion on’s pretty long..I fell asleep during a few parts.. but it’s so twisted, so dark and so’s hard to believe it’s real. I’m not sure I’d recommend it across the board cause it’s just so disturbing..

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      3. Well, if you watch it let me know. It’s so disturbing on so many levels. SO disturbing, it’s almost impossible to believe..and yet I believe it..but you almost can’t believe.. ugh.

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