Blog friend, nominated me for Outstanding Blogger award, but since I have all sorts of trouble adding links (I’ll blame WordPress or my computer instead of myself) I’m not actually doing the award.

However, for todays edition of Friday Favorites, I will answer the questions she posed. Feel free to play along!!

  1. What have you learned about yourself during the pandemic? I really liked the pattern of my life before. I don’t like having people around 24/7. I now understand why people buy McMansions.
  2. What is your favorite place to vacation? Somewhere that I have never been before. Perfect spot would be someplace where I can do/see/learn something in the morning, then at about 2 o’clock I could just sit on a nice lounge chair with a view of nature and read a book.
  3. What is your favorite season? I love the spring. But right now I will say any season that does not contain a pandemic.
  4. Why did you start blogging and is it the same reason you continue? I started blogging because I was approaching my 53rd birthday and feeling blah- I needed something to recharge my batteries. Luckily for me blogging worked, and now I continue because I can’t imagine a morning not spent writing and posting.
  5. Do you come from a large family? Two parents, one sister. But, my Father is one of eight, so I had eighteen first cousins on that side of my family.
  6. What was your best (maybe not favorite) subject in high school? I admit that I loved English and was decent at it. But I was a much better math student.
  7. Which would you rather read, fiction or non fiction? I am fiction girl- though I did read an amazing book of essays recently, so every now and then non fiction gets a nod.

31 thoughts on “Friday Favorites August 28

  1. 1. Had this filled out and then somehow I deleted. So this time I’ll
    Just add my best class in high school!
    I got my best grades in Catholic religion classes (A+). Which is hilarious because I put no effort to it and senior year in high school the priest kicked me out because I voiced my opinion which did not agree with his teaching…got an undeserving 99% that particular semester! Personally I preferred chemistry class but blew my grade senior year when I accidentally set fire to a lab experiment. Needless to say, senior year high school was not my forte!

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  2. I am with you, I can’t imagine not blogging! Fiction is my fav too but there are many non-fiction books that I liike as well. I just read fiction more. Summer is my favorite but I agree, right now any aeason without a pandemic! Even 20 degrees below 0!

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  3. 1. That if I am away from my job, I am away from easily accessible junk food. I managed to lose a lot of weight when I was forced to stay home.
    2. Anywhere with a unique museum. Our last excursion, the Strong Museum of Toys in Rochester New York.
    3. Fall
    4. Blog to showcase my creativity. It is such a joy to have an international following, I wouldn’t normally have if I went the conventional way of exhibiting.
    5. 1 older brother who lives with his domestic partner and their adopted son a town away, but I wish we were tighter 😥 Don’t know my Dad’s side at all. My grandmother had 6 siblings, so lot’s of cousins on that side.
    6. art, no surprise there
    7.non-fiction, I really love to read about people. Reading Bios of Rod Serling by his daughter and Actor Dick Miller as well as Autobio Harpo Speaks by Harpo Marx.

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