OK- show of hands: Who hates me after my posts this week?

I’ll let you off easy with some favorites: Play along if you wish.

  1. Favorite Fast Food French Fry– McDonald’s
  2. Favorite Actress over 50: Maggie Smith
  3. Favorite Roller Coaster: I hate roller coasters
  4. Favorite Sea Creature: I’m not sure what constitutes creature, so I’ll go with dolphin
  5. Favorite Sport to watch in person: Tennis- my dream is to go to the three majors I’ve never been to
  6. Favorite lunchbox snack: oatmeal cream cakes from Lil Debbies
  7. Favorite article of clothing: black tank dress
  8. Favorite baby girl name: OK- I’ll give you the five girls names that we almost chose for my daughter in alphabetical order: Alexandra, Brooke. Haley, Nicole, Sydney
  9. Favorite Cereal: Cheerios
  10. Favorite Marvel Movie: Avengers: Endgame


59 thoughts on “Friday Favorites- August 21

  1. The vaccine… well, it will be mandatory in health care settings as is the flu shot. So that takes care of all my kids except for one. If they are getting it, like you, I will too…when allowed. I am not in a high risk category, so I’m sure I will see you in the back of the line..we can chat. 👍

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  2. Elevatorphobia.. I got into an elevator for the first time (post covid) the other day. Honestly, if anyone else had walked in after me, I would have walked out and cheerfully said “I’ll wait for the next one..” It’s not that I don’t think masks work…it’s that elevators don’t always.. and the idea of being stuck in one is bad enough WITHOUT COVID!

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    1. I always have a few each year that I think are great, but I know last year the movies were mainly awful. Now, I’m pretty much watching either anything or nothing depending on your perspective….but yeah…though I thought 1917 and parasite were incredible

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  3. #1 – MaccyD’s for sure especially when freshly hot and greasy from the fryer!
    #2 – Emma Thompson, but there are (thankfully in this 21st century) so many more I could add to that!!!!
    #3 – The old fashioned ones like Mr Twister at Elitch Gardens https://www.elitchgardens.com/plan-a-visit/park-history/
    #4 – Octopuses. Hubby introduced me to the newest scientific finds on these creatures and they’re like dolphins with (too many) arms. Seriously! And yes, the plural is correctly, ‘octopuses’!
    #5 – Anything the kids were into. and/or anyplace I can sit and ‘people watch’
    #6 – A small lunchbox sack of fritos. BTW- my baby bro is a Little Debbie afficianado! HA!
    #7 – A pair of perfectly fitting and soft and well worn jeans
    #8 – I really wanted to name our middle child “Giovannina” but Michelle won out!
    #9 – These days it’s ‘real’ oatmeal
    #10 – Does “The Incredibles” count? 😎

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      1. My daughter is virtual this semester…😝she’s an orientation counselor. Her training this week has been 1030 to 7 on zoom with 45 minute lunch and two 10 minute breaks…virtual orientation is Saturday to Tuesday all day


  4. Lol! No one hate you!!
    1. French fry…Five Guys
    2. Actress..Jennifer Aniston
    3. Roller Coaster..no clue, Haven’t been on one in at least 20 years
    3. Sea Creature. I agree with Dolphin
    4. Sport.. no thanks

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    1. 5. Lunchbox..peanut butter and pretZels
      7. Article of clothing..dress
      8. Well of course Cora as that is my new grandbabys name
      9. Cereal.. Cheerios
      10. Marvel movie.. no idea

      Yeah I push return to soon at one point I see I have my numbers all messed up. Time to get off of WordPress and go drink more coffee!!!

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  5. I like ALL fast food french fries, especially now that I haven’t eaten them for a LONG time.
    Helen Mirren
    I’ll say the Big Dipper at Santa Cruz but I don’t really have a favorite.
    Seahorse. If you put two of them face to face they make a heart shape.
    Baseball is my only sport, although hockey is a newish interest.
    Well, Amanda and Rachel but Tiffany and Michelle were ones we tossed around.
    Toss up between Peanut Butter Captn. Crunch and Raisin Bran Crunch. I like my cereal crunchy and don’t use much milk in it.
    Dr. Strange

    Pretty sure no one hates you. Happy Friday!

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  6. Always like your posts, whether I disagree or not, you write them in a great way and I need to catch what I missed this week. For some reason days flew by me this week, not that I got any great accomplishment done, but apparently I was busy with something. LOL!
    Yes! Someone that agree with me on McDonald’s fries! My family thinks I am crazy!
    Totally agree about the Little Debbie oatmeal cream cakes too! Sooo miss them, now that I have to be gluten free!
    Love Dolphins!
    Rollercoasters make my heart race like crazy! Family loves them! Amusement parks have lost their appeal as much being that the spinning rides now get me dizzy and the rollercoasters scare me.
    Pretty girl names! Our girls name list was so long, so many great ones out there.
    Happy Friday to you!

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  7. I’m stuck in a car for 3 hrs so I’ll play:

    1. Same
    2. No one, like several but none more than others
    3. none
    4. Octopus
    5. Seasonal, changes, hockey and bball on top
    6. Nuts or cheese
    7. Loose tank over sports bra and tights/yoga pants
    8. Cassandra, Alexandra, Samantha
    9. Varies, right now Oatmeal crisp
    10. None, haven’t seen any

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      1. They are longish, crispy and rather than regular salt, they use seasoned salt. Short of “broasted potatoes”, the best I’ve had that weren’t home made.

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  8. Favorite Fast Food French Fry– none, I don’t do fast food
    Favorite Actress over 50: Annie Potts
    Favorite Roller Coaster: Any I can fit into lol
    Favorite Sea Creature: The Sub Mariner lol
    Favorite Sport to watch in person: None, although I did go to a few minor league baseball games
    Favorite lunchbox snack: pb Kandy kakes
    Favorite article of clothing: my Ear Hustle podcast tee shirt, it is so soft..I swear like cashmere
    Favorite baby girl name: Bree
    Favorite Cereal: Kellogg corn flakes
    Favorite Marvel Movie: Spider-Man: Into the spiderverse.

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  9. McDonald’s french fries definitely–they have it down to a science. Checkers fries are good once in a while, we don’t live near one anymore.
    Roller coasters..not a huge fan especially if they go around in circles.
    I love dolphins and whales.
    Sports to watch in person…basketball I would say since it is fast paced. Not really many opportunities to watch tennis in person where I live.
    Love oatmeal cream cakes.
    Cereal—Captain Crunch. I don’t buy it though because it ends up being a snack food in addition to something to eat at breakfast.

    I didn’t hate any of your posts this week–all of your COVID-19 posts are thought provoking and insightful.

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  10. Uh . . . glad I missed them?

    And a fellow Cheerios fan! Yanno, there aren’t that many of us out here.

    I have a love/hate relationship with rollercoasters. I would’ve said hockey as a live sport, but having been to the US Open, it is a fantastic live sport. And you’re right, nothing beats a Mickey D’s fry.

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  11. Favorite Fast Food French Fry– McDonald’s
    Favorite Actress over 50: probably Patricia Clarkson
    Favorite Roller Coaster: I haven’t been on a roller coaster in over a decade…
    Favorite Sea Creature: loggerhead sea turtle
    Favorite Sport to watch in person: Nats baseball
    Favorite lunchbox snack: kettle cooked s & v potato chips
    Favorite article of clothing: olive maxi dress
    Favorite baby girl name: Olivia
    Favorite Cereal: Life
    Favorite Marvel Movie: The Avengers

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