I had a Covid era pedicure the other day. My favorite part of a pedicure is the foot massage: I still walk a lot, on pavement and my feet are normally achy, no matter what shoes I wear. #Firstworldurbanlivingproblems. So, I always get an extra ten minute foot massage…

I am really grateful for the nail technician who gave the most amazing foot massage. She got the spot on the soul of my foot, the lower part of the arch,Β  that just released all the tension in my body right up to my hair….I just melted into a puddle of happy…

I was ready to divorce my Husband and marry her…


32 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday

  1. I envy you the ability — I am so ticklish that just looking at my feet or waist sends me running. Actually having someone touch the soles of my feet would take the top of my head off! But I could sure use the tension release.

    Glad it worked for you (Can’t you coerce your husband to massage your feet for you? Maybe as an exchange favor?!?)

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