I don’t think I taxed your brains and spirits too much this week…don’t worry…I’ll try harder next week…

But for today- random favorites of mine! Feel free to play any way you want!

  1. Favorite Song You’re Embarrassed to Like: Oh, I love cheesy pop music just as much as I like other tunes- but we will go with “I Think I Love You” by The Partridge Family, followed by “Sugar Sugar” by The Archies
  2. Favorite Thing to do at the Beach: Sit in a chair under an umbrella with a book and a cold beverage
  3. Favorite Thing about a rainy day: Sitting by a window watching the rain while reading a book with a hot beverage
  4. Favorite Professional Athlete– John McEnroe
  5. Favorite Halloween Costume You’ve Worn– Ok- not big on the dress up thing- but in college I dressed as a smurf (with two other friends)- and as I’ve admitted this, I will say that I saw this really cute guy at a party when I was dressed as a smurf but didn’t want to talk to him as smurf, and then a few months later I saw the guy again and he came up to me and said “Hey- weren’t you one of the smurfs?” And then I burst into flames…
  6. Favorite Soap Scent- would anyone be surprised if I said Lavender?
  7. Favorite Baby Boy Name: Michael.
  8. Favorite Cookie: soft and chewy ginger molasses
  9. Favorite Leonardo Dicaprio movie: “Wolf of Wall Street”
  10. Favorite Foreign Band/Artist: So many! Hmmmm U2, Adele, Queen, Beatles, etc

24 thoughts on “Friday Favorites August 14

    1. I just read this British murder mystery that takes place near marshes and such near the sea and it sounds so glorious to watch it all. Much more character and atmosphere

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  1. Favorite Song You’re Embarrassed to Like – I’m not embarrassed by this, but I guess others might be. I love the Macarena, YMCA, Stop! (In the name of Love) I will sing and do the accompanying moves every time I hear these songs.

    Favorite Professional Athlete – Ernie Banks

    Favorite Baby Boy Name – Obviously it’s Charlie! 😍

    Favorite Cookie – Chocolate with chocolate and peanut butter chips, freshly baked

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  2. Thank you for not taxing my very, very tired brain LOL … here are my favs:
    • Favorite Song You’re Embarrassed to Like: The Chicken Dance, played mostly at weddings and danced to with abandon haha
    • Favorite Thing to do at the Beach: Collect seashells and small pieces of driftwood
    • Favorite Thing about a rainy day: Listening to the drops fall upon the roof while reading, and sometimes a nice nap
    • Favorite Professional Athlete– Brian Orser, a figure skater (do you remember the battle of the Brians at the Olympics in the late 80s?)
    • Favorite Halloween Costume You’ve Worn: Bookworm
    • Favorite Soap Scent- Rose
    • Favorite Baby Boy Name: Ryan
    • Favorite Cookie: chocolate chip
    • Favorite Leonardo Dicaprio movie: Titanic (I am a hopeless romantic)
    • Favorite Foreign Band/Artist: Ed Sheeran

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  3. At the beach – Bake in the sun reading and watching the waves crash until the sun sets.
    Rainy day – In front of a crackling fire with a good mystery.
    Pro athlete – Brandon Crawford, Buster Posey, Hunter Pence
    Baby boy name – Has to be Jeffrey although it was almost Matthew.
    Leo Movie – Catch Me If You Can
    Foreign Band/Artist – There are a lot – Adele, Scorpions

    Have a happy Friday.

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  4. fave song…’Grandmas Featherbed’ by John Denver although I think I love you is close!!
    Fave beach thing….swim in water and jump the waves
    Fave rainy day thing….watch an old movie
    Fave Pro athlete…no idea
    Fave Halloween Outfit….pirate
    Fave soap scent…something citrusy
    Fave Baby boy name… well my son is named Tony so I will go with that!
    Fave cookie..snickerdoodles
    Fave Leo movie.. Titanic
    Fave foreign band..Beatles

    You have a great weekend!!

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  5. Favorite Song You’re Embarrassed to Like: None really, I don’t get embarrassed by my song choices but I do really like Mmmbop by Hanson
    Favorite Thing to do at the Beach: take a photo in a photobooth
    Favorite Thing about a rainy day: I miss actual non tropical storm/torrential downpour/flash flooding rain…i used to love to walk under drain spouts and stomp thru puddles. I love rain, I never use an umbrella.
    Favorite Professional Athlete– Sugar Ray Leonard
    Favorite Halloween Costume You’ve Worn– as a kid when my Mom helped me become a walking head on a plate, as an adult I was a homemade zombie charlie Brown my wife was a homemade Underdog
    Favorite Soap Scent- Suave Milk & Honey Body Wash
    Favorite Baby Boy Name: Tricangelo.
    Favorite Cookie: Peanut Butter
    Favorite Leonardo Dicaprio movie: Really ?
    Favorite Foreign Band/Artist: I do like a lot of UK Artists, hard to choose a favorite. So let’s go further Japenese Punk Trio Shonen Knife & The Icelandic Bjork.


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