A few weeks ago, my Husband’s work computer had a hiccup. After two hours on hold for the help desk (to which he got disconnected) and then further emails and such, it was determined that he and his computer had irreconcilable differences.

His computer was unfixable without being in the office- (his company has all sorts of firewalls when employees are working on their own internet connection- so he wasn’t even able to get onto the internet so that the help desk could shadow him) Technically we were in whatever stage allowed you to go to the office (he’d already lost a day of work though- during a really busy time) but- the help desk told him:


Well- work does have to go on…

So my Husband spent a day at the office…

And the heavens cried out.

I had the living room to myself. He wasn’t taking up half the small living room with his stuff. I didn’t hear his work calls. He wasn’t asking me to do anything for him. No listening to the dulcet tones of Stephan A. Smith and Max Kellerman talking about nothing on ESPN. No asking me from 730 “What’s for lunch?”

I was alone and I liked lovedย it.

(OK- my daughter was home but she had an internship and was volunteer tutoring and was taking a class and probably saving the world in some other way, so I didn’t see her)

But back to the me being alone part…

Bliss I tell you…like a whole day of comfort drawer without any lavender…

And last week…..

He had to do a week at the office for a trial run…

Do you hear birds chirping and see unicorns jumping over rainbows?


I think his office wants to try 50% capacity after Labor Day…

Imagine if you will, me doing a little tiny uncoordinated jig around my apartment…

Because I am now filled with hope that maybe one little tiny thing in my life can go back to normal…

It’s no secret that quarantine has brought out the worst in me- I am ashamed to admit that I do not thrive under the pretense of everything in my life changing. But by far the biggest thing that drove me crazy was not having any time alone. Ever. i was never alone. Even when I went to the bathroom someone was always calling me or needing the bathroom or whatever.

I need time alone to be a whole person…

So here’s hoping that soon I can start to get my life back…

FYI- it took ten days for my husband to get his new computer mailed to him. If he’d listened to the help desk and not gone into the office he would have been two weeks behind and deadlines wouldn’t have been met and actually financial world’s would have collided…so this work from home thing has plenty of other drawbacks…

72 thoughts on “Alone Again, Happily

  1. You are too funny! — ๐Ÿ˜‚ My husband is up to playing tennis 4 times a week. Back in the day I would have harassed him about this.. these days? I’m jiggin’ right along with you. ๐Ÿ‘

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  2. I know exactly how you feel. With my beloved home underfoot all the time, I live for his trips out for a swim, a meeting or a ride. Just a few hours peace and quiet where Iโ€™m not at his constant beck and call – bliss!

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      1. I seem to attract and stick with very independent types who cook. I guess this is my tell. And he is a good cook and baker like many of my past boyfriends were! I like to eat well. He does have more time since I am still working part time, maybe more hours…but anyway, I tend to rush around cleaning the spots he misses as I can see them! Oh, and sometimes I color my hair when I am totally alone.

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  3. Oh heavenly! I totally understand that feeling. I have decided not to go to the annual golf tournament with my husband and son this year. We’ve been going for 24 years! The villas we usually rent are not available and I’d have to spend the time in a hotel room. Some of the other wives are going but I’d have a choice between shopping with the “rich” folks or drinking with the “not so rich” folks, neither of which is what I, the “introvert really not so rich,” wants to do. Instead, I will have 3 glorious days and 2 wonderful nights to myself. I see hours and hours of time in my studio with an occasional break to walk the dog.

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  4. From 7.30 “what’s for lunch” made smile. Baby steps LA, here in the UK coroner cases keep dropping, my friend went to an Indian restaurant yesterday……… yes they’ll be setbacks but wer’e all prepared this time around, and with every new outbreak more and more people are ecposedโค๏ธ

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  5. Hope it works, My husband and I have been making a big effort to not hang out in the same room until after dinner. I am lucky in that I live in a large home and can get away, I can’t imagine being stuck in an apartment with 2 other people.

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  6. I could see your happy dance all the way in NM! I might add, on a personal note, that you should keep telling your husband as the years go by that he is WAY too valuable, important, etc. to his company to retire. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  7. I live alone which is glorious. I need contact every day so I have a virtual gym membership with my friends from my old gym in Chicago. Itโ€™s been great because itโ€™s both physical and social. I also talk to friends and my daughter most days. Charlie and I see people on trails and have a few friends we hike with on a regular basis. I canโ€™t imagine going through this in a confined space with my now grown and flown family.

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  8. I know exactly what youโ€™re feeling. My husband was home for 7 months because of a work injury and back to work for 2 months before another surgery. So heโ€™s home again. And then he retires in October. I had expected one final year alone during the day before he retires and Iโ€™ll be lucky if I get 4 months. We have space but itโ€™s having to deal with another personโ€™s needs and schedule instead of having the day to myself that gets to me.

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    1. Thatโ€™s just it! My husband came in from his run when I was trying to do my blog! He just talks and talks and I really want to scream for the love of god shut up!

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