I have a morning routine. Five minutes of mindless thinking (I don’t call it meditation because as soon as I say I’m doing that I can’t sit still…), make a cup of tea, drink a glass of water, journal, look at my to do list, then read a page from “Simple Abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnach…

Simple Abundance is a group of essays, one for each day of the year, that are simply a way of reminding us to slow down an appreciate what we have. Sometimes the essays are practical, like how to get rid of stuff in your closet. And some days the essays are about bringing a level of spirituality back into your life. Today’s essay is entitled “Second Thoughts” and focuses on not necessarily sharing all your ideas with everyone (which makes me wonder if I should be sharing anything ever…)

But anyway…

One day a few months ago, the essay was about creating a “comfort drawer”. The idea was to have a drawer set aside that would hold things that you need on hand when you are having a bad day and need a little pick me up.

Ok. Let’s face facts. When I read this, I thought it was ridiculous. First off I don’t have a spare drawer. It would take some massive rearranging to come up with a drawer…(see- I was being literally literal tight then)

Secondly, who needs a drawer for comfort items? Haven’t we all built that into our days already…

Then March came….



I began to rethink the whole comfort drawer thing…

I really really needed something…

So I actually rethought my nightstand drawers. Without actually realizing it, my nightstand drawers already were sort of like a comfort station. It actually wasn’t that difficult to reorganize it so that one held my comfort items.

So what does my comfort drawer contain? you ask:

  1. fuzzy socks
  2. lavender lotion
  3. lavender scented neck wrap that can be heated in the microwave
  4. weighted eye pillow
  5. journal
  6. hot pink gel pen
  7. lavender essential oil
  8. mindfulness cards with quotes and stuff to make me stop and think
  9. a letter that means a lot to me

Because I don’t like food products in my bedroom, in the corner of a high kitchen cabinet I have a tin of really good tea and a box of individually wrapped Walker’s shortbread cookies, which are my absolute favorite comfort treat.

Do you have things that instantly refresh you when you are feeling not so hot?

What things would you include in your comfort station?

Do you think the whole idea of a comfort drawer is silly?

Do you think the idea is brilliant?

Do you ever need just a little bit of comfort in these challenging times?


62 thoughts on “Comforting

  1. My stash of Starbucks french roast (whole bean or ground) would fall under that category for me. Also currently read a book on the pursuit of peace (slowly) that is part of my morning ritual. BTW, thank you for sharing! I appreciate that you do so regularly. DM

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  2. I don’t think the idea is silly, especially in the middle of the pandemic. I don’t feel the urge to create one, but I may just need to move into the idea gently. I think I have my comfort items scattered through the house and even on my computer. We go back and forth between two places so these things have to be fairly portable for me. I have a special tote a friend made for me that I carry my Bible, journal, and devotional in. A backpack for my tech stuff which doesn’t sound comforting but those devices hold family pictures and my ebooks. In my house I have things my granddaughters made for me and they make me smile. May we all be blessed with things that comfort us during this season.💜

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  3. I don’t have a particular place for comfort items, but have always had things I go back to when I need some feel-better treatment. Some photos, a few letters, a quilt my mother made for me, a couple of books… Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  4. I’d say my whole studio is my comfort drawer – LOL. I guess you like lavender a little, huh? My nightstand has some books and my journal. I need to add a candle. I drink a glass of warm lemon water every morning too. I should try the mindless thinking too. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. no comfort drawer, but, on my nightstand drawer, along with some useless stuff I can’t bring myself to throw away, I put the things that I reach for whenever I want to reminisce the good days. I like lavender too!

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  6. I like the idea of a comfort drawer but my mind did think it would be a hilarious to imagine what would be in potus’s comfort drawer? Green eggs and Ham? – I digress – I did think and I sort of have a comfort drawer, I have a shoe box in my closet and in it are special cards or letters, some special things that my kids made when they were small. Memory boosters. I don’t look in it often as I end up teary.

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  7. This is actually a really good idea. I recently realized I hold anger, resentment, and tension in my body and have been seeking ways to immediately relieve this, so reading about this drawer is helpful. Thanks for sharing it.

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    1. When I originally read it, I didn’t pay much attention. But like you stated, we are all holding so much in, we need a safe place to take care of ourselves and just stop and let go. Thank you!

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  8. I like the idea of a comfort drawer although pre-quarantine I would have scoffed at the silliness of the idea. But now I get it! I like what you have in yours. Lots of lavender which is healing! And in the nightstand is a brilliant location! I have a few inspirational books on my nightstand and my bedroom is a haven for me.

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      1. I like it because when I get too comfy, I don’t have anywhere to go except to close my eyes! :). I agree about knowing it’s ok to need comfort for us when we’re Moms (or anyone actually).

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  9. There’s nothing like a big ole hug or neck massage from one of my children, pets or my husband to make me feel better and feel loved. I don’t think any of them will fit inside a drawer though. I’m glad you have your comfort drawer! 🙂 Mona

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  10. Ooh! I love the sound of that book. I’ll have to look it up! I’m also drawn to the sound of a comfort drawer after the last few months. What would I put in it? Some soft, cosy PJs; a favourite book; a scented candle; chocolate, cashew nuts and wine (I guess I’d keep that in the fridge); a journal and some nice pens and a couple of favourite photos and sentimental items.

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  11. I love this post. Yes, we all need a bit of comfort and these days more than ever before. Life is so tough just trying to cope with this pandemic and all the friction it has caused. My big comfort right now is actually WordPress and reading blogs like yours helps me know I am not alone in the daily struggle. And so, I thank you, for bringing a bit of sanity and comfort to my days.

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  12. I don’t think the idea is silly, some people may need a drawer others less. I try not to comfort myself with food, I have had issues there although it seems as if this is my husband’s go to if I am down. I have a few items in my home that comfort me just by being there, a few of my father’s paintings, a pillow that I had made from my mother’s Christmas dress and family pictures. When I am hot my instant cool down is ice water-I mean really cold.

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  13. To me, the ultimate comfort food is pudding on a cloud. Bottom layer – made from scratch whipped cream, top layer – made from scratch chocolate pudding. Heavenly.

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  14. Such a great idea LA! I haven’t read Simple Abundance in years, so maybe I should start again. I have all of Sarah Ann Braithwaithe’s follow-up books down in the basement, although I enjoyed the first the most. I don’t have a comfort drawer, but thought it was a wonderful idea….initially to destress after a bad day but now for just any day as we especially need little treats and extravagances. I need to go shopping for something to put in it……

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  15. Yesterday we lost power for a time. We also have lost our cable and our cellular service is very spotty. I am work right now so I can post this. I think I am going to put a flashlight in my newly named comfort drawer in my nightstand. A hard copy(not digital) of a book like Simple Abundance sounds great. Also candles are comforting for me.

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    1. This is one of the few books I own in hard copy. It’s comforting opening the book, using a bookmark, etc. and I do also have a flashlight in my nightstand drawer…

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  16. I don’t have a comfort drawer, but I think it’s a really good idea. Especially these days, when we’re all in need of a little comfort. Sadly, when I find myself a bit too tense I usually end of just cleaning my house. In some ways, that’s a good thing because I like creating order out of chaos and I like things to be clean. But I think I need to come up with a more comforting alternative.

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  17. So much comfort around me. I’m purging files and boxes of comfort and sentimental things I’ve kept. Articles to read later and such. I’m finally getting around to reading and enjoying these items that others would consider clutter. A little each day is fun and I’m finding memories that were needed back then but not so much now. Recycling lots of old magazine pages of ideas for remodeling, cooking or gardening. So fun to look at and toss as I’ve been there and done that and no longer need them. Internet access to such items changes everything. So yay. Making room for more things I care about and that are a comfort. Thanks for sharing. Got me thinking.

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