Mott Street Chinatown
Dim Sum…pork buns, sticky rice and some other pork thing
Tea society via zoom….tip…when making iced tea, used frozen fruit in addition to ice cubes. Also, when making simple syrup, consider adding tea bags to sugar/water mixture
Rotating art museum on NYC link kiosks
Tree down post storm
Rest of tree
Sola Pasta Bar in SoHo kind of
Steak frites
La Parisienne at the end of the night
Cacio y Pepe
Cat in a bag

28 thoughts on “Highlights August 9

    1. Fence is fine. Though I will say that a street runs perpendicular to the park and that section of the fence has big reflective lights because many people have driven into the fence and damaged it, but even cars don’t manage to knock it down

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      1. Good fence. There’s iron fence around the big cemetery in the middle of town ere, and once a year or so, someone crashes into it and damages it. Granted, the speed limit there is 40.

        Gramercy Park is one of the bigger parks in Manhattan?

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      2. No. It’s known because it’s the only park in Manhattan that you need a key to enter. The building that surround it have access. It’s also in the East twenties, so very often books about old time NYC mention it because this was the super fashionable area back in the day. Here’s my fun anecdote…when my daughter was little we got invited to the Halloween party there. We saw Uma Thurman and Ethan hawk and kids dressed up…but to be fair as they were neighbors we saw them quite a lot, but it was fun to see uma dressed as the devil and Ethan as a pirate with kids in matching costumes

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      3. Well, if this wasn’t a public forum I’d tell you how I realized it was her….Gramercy has been in a lot of things. It’s usually done to show a certain class and status. Even today, there’s actually a bunch of celebrities that live in the neighborhood….still a sense of cache. If my apartment were to be listed for sale, the agent would say it’s Gramercy even though we are technically one block north of the area boundaries

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  1. I was just going to type “Hey!!!– I’m the first to say hello this morning!” but I decided to take a bite out of my bagel instead.. Good morning Kim and LA! 😂

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  2. Yummy steak fries. Been so long since I had them. Cute little kitty. I’ll bet it is weird walking around an empty New York. I haven’t been to San Francisco since the start of it all so I don’t know what that looks like.

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