We had a tropical storm blow through here this week. Uncharacteristically, much of the city lost power. I am grateful that we did not lose power.

Fun fact- when we lose power in a highrise, we are unable to flush…


28 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday August 8

    1. It’s something about water not being able to go up the pipes without a power source. Technically I think it’s supposed to work up until fourth floor, but I can tell you for absolute certainty that at most we get two flushes. (I could tell you about when we were out of power for five days during hurricane Sandy and the upper floors were revolting to let the lower floors use the facilities….but that’s a whole other blog…)

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      1. Ah, that must have been hard. Two flushes a day… 😶
        Looking forward to the sharing facilities post. 😁 We are three people at home and each of us have our own loos. I do not like to share loos. 😶

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  1. Just in case you didn’t know this old timey trick: When in for storms that might bring power shortages and in your case interfere with flushing the comode, prior to the predicted storm, fill old milk jugs (or whatever) with tap water and place them in the bathroom. When needed, pour them into the toilet ‘after’ for a ‘flush’.
    But I didn’t know that electricity outages could affect flushing at all – like you say, it’s a highrise thing!

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    1. Normally people fill their tubs…I don’t think anyone did that this time…I know we didn’t. Since all our stuff is underground, it has to be a HUGE issue for us to lose power, like a transformer blows

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  2. I have a SIL in NYC and a niece in Brooklyn and neither lost electricity. Yet I have another SIL & Niece in NJ and they lost elect. for hours and hours (don’t know how long in total). The irony is that they left Ca. to come back to NJ to avoid Covid-19, and now NJ is a hot spot. Sometimes you just can’t win.

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  3. I never thought about not being able to flush in a high-rise. We lived on Long Island for 45 years, and we were without power for 7 or 8 days in a row for both hurricanes and blizzards. Thankfully, we could flush, but we couldn’t stay warm or cook. When we finally had a gas hookup, we could use the stove top, and we had hot water. We weren’t taking chances in rural NC, so we have a generator now. The neighbors who don’t have one come here to charge their cell phones.

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  4. That stuffs important to know before you get into a lease in a high rise! Glad y’all weren’t without power or ability to flush. Sometimes we just don’t know what we have until it’s gone. I do a lot of praying these days. I’m thankful for so much. Mona

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