Ok- since I’ve freaked you out with my rhetoric this week…I’ll give you my favorites! Play along any way you want!!

  1. Favorite Pixar Movie: Toy Story 3
  2. Favorite One Hit Wonder: hmmm- this is tough: I’m going with Aha “Take on Me” or Modern English “Melt with You”- I don’t know if they are technically one hit wonders, but I can’t recall a single other thing they did
  3. Favorite Ride at Carnival: I like a Haunted House, but I really don’t like rides
  4. Favorite Thing in the Sky: Stars- which I rarely get to see
  5. Favorite Sport you wish you were pro at: tennis
  6. Favorite Dr. Seuss Book: Yertle the Turtle
  7. Favorite outfit: black sleeveless dress, white and black oversized waffleknit cardigan, black knee high boots, silver heart necklace, black button earrings
  8. Favorite Car Color: Silver
  9. Favorite Pasta Dish: Cacio y pepe (which I had last night so you get a picture on Sunday)
  10. Favorite Family Guy Character: never seen it

18 thoughts on “Favorites Friday August 7

  1. Thinking about you this morning…saw parts of Manhattan were without electricity (not sure when, but sounded like maybe last night)? Anywhere close to you? BTW, I love your deeper rhetoric type posts. DM

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  2. Love these favorites post! I’m with you on 1,3,4 and 10 and Modern English Melt With You! Sport would be swimming. Dr, Seuss is Green Eggs & Ham. Outfit would be a sundress, flat sandals, big earrings & cute purse. Car is red. Pasta is lasagna.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. I always wanted to play baseball even though I can’t throw a ball to save my life. And with my current shoulder/neck/arm injuries it’s even further away from any reality. Okay, it was never going to happen anyway. But I have wonderful memories of watching the Cubs with my grandma.

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      1. I recently read a book that I LOVED and highly recommend about a girl who wants to play baseball. It’s historical fiction MG (9-12 yr olds) Out of Left Field, by Ellen Klages. I read a lot of MG and YA as part of being a writer and staying current in publishing.

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  4. I love the song Melt With You. It reminds me of being younger and some happy memories. Take on Me is a good song as well.
    Carnival Rides–I can’t do anything with excessive spinning. Ferris wheels are okay though.
    Family Guy—watched it a couple times, not my thing.
    Pasta–I like carbonara. I made some pretty good ricotta/meat filled shells the other day–very good as leftovers!
    Stars—do you not see them so much because there is so much light in NYC?
    Pixar movies–the first Toy Story.

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  5. Haven’t been to a carnival in years..but back in the day I used to love that ride where you stand up in a row of side by side cages and the thing spins real fast, lifts up and tilts. 😵

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  6. Fave Pixar: Coco & Wall-E Fave One Hit Wonder: Tainted Love by Soft Cell Fave Ride at a carnival: i don’t trust carnival rides, but yeah the fun house and any freak show tent Fave thing in the sky: One hour before sunrise or sunset, known as the golden hour. The light & shadows are so beautiful. Fave Sport wish I was pro at: Golf Fave Seuss Book: None honestly, don’t remember even owning one LOL
    Favorite Outfit: Tye Dye Tee with Argyle Shorts and one Cat sock, one Chicken sock (a bisexual joke) and black sneakers..who me quirky ?
    Favorite Car Color: Black
    Favorite Pasta Dish: Mushroom Lasagna
    Favorite Family Guy Character: Brian the dog ( i was so angry when they killed him off a few years back) He’s like the voice of reason in a show full of idiots.

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    1. I almost did tainted love, but as I talked about their version of where did our live go it’s technically a 1 1/2 hit wonder as I had the combo as a 9 inch single

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