Our local bodega cat
Exhibit on the Highline…Sam Falls Untitled
Grand a Central on a Thursday at 10am
Movie night…Sleepless in Seattle
Spa Night
Dining set up Ruby’s
Splitting brunch with my daughter…egg sandwich and corn fritters
New York Botanic Garden
The Highline
The Highline
A new ice cream place opened in our neighborhood, Surreal Creamery….earl grey ice cream that took her two days to eat…this is the smaller one btw…
Chorizo quesadilla at Mexico Lindo

42 thoughts on “Highlights August 2

    1. Face roller….I got that as a gift at an event I attended. It actually feels really nice and it’s just one of those moments that I take for myself.


      1. You know there’s always going to be a new beauty fad. I don’t know if I’d ever have bought one…but I put in in the freezer and roll it over my face and it reduces puffiness…this is one of those moments when I’ll say…one day when you’re in your late 50s you’ll understand how everything’s puffs up…side note….I got shin splints (age again) and frozen roller was great…


  1. Grand Central is so empty!The Highline is interesting.I know Mitchell Silver, the Commissioner of NYC Parks. His family and my family were good friends. They had a summer house in the Catskills. He was so funny! He did a great job with this.

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  2. It’s nice to know there’s life ‘out there’! Lovely flowers and delicious looking food. And how in the world did you keep that ice cream from falling over?!?!?

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  3. Great pictures. Love the Exhibit and wow, Grand Central Station! Funny that calendar page was on the day that I found out about my sister and the covid thing. What a firestorm that caused in our family. Definitely pulled me away from tranquil feelings. Wish I had seen that first.

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  4. I miss NYC–looks like a great time to visit (less crowds!). Last time I was there was last August, visiting my brother. He hasn’t been back (he has a part-time rental) since this all began, and my annual trip to my beloved NYC is indefinitely postponed, I guess. So, thanks for your pictures!

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  5. What a lovely set of pictures you took even though now because of the coronavirus new York doesn’t seem to have that same vibe you usually pick up even from the pictures. That ice cream and the brunch you shared looked yummy. I’m glad places are opening little by little. I enjoyed the flowers and the scenery pictures that looked fresh and pretty. Thanks for a taste of New York.

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