Yesterday I was walking down 23rd Street. I watched a waiter from a diner exit the diner holding the arm of an older woman walking with a cane. I watched him carefully help her across a busy cross street.

They were masked, and I get that they weren’t socially distanced exactly, but I didn’t care. it was a moment of one person helping another.

I haven’t seen much human kindness lately, in a time when it should be abounding.

I am grateful for having witnessed this one seemingly insignificant act of kindness.

Maybe there is hope…

22 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday August 1

  1. That is really nice to hear. I remember one day years or decades ago in New York City crying in the streets. I had just been terminated from a job and a nun came over to speak with me and calm me down. I do remember appreciating this so much! I think I wrote a story about it. Pass the kindness forward.

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  2. Compassion is a whisper in a world full of screamers. It doesn’t crave attention. It doesn’t boast. It’s not taking a selfie. It’s not looking for credit. It’s like a rare bird sighting when we witness it.. lucky you. πŸ’œ

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