Here we are- ready for another of edition of favorites! Play any way you like!!!!

  1. Favorite Food of All Time– Patty Melt
  2. Favorite Chick Flick– Ok- we all know I love “The Sure Thing” but that might be considered coming of age, but how about “Bridget Jones Dairy”? If that’s a rom com, then how about “bridesmaids”?
  3. Favorite cover song? Ok- if I were to have taken this question last Friday, my answer would probably be “Where did our Love Go” by Soft Cell…but this week I discovered a Chris Cornell version of “Patience”. As Patience is one of my top ten songs, and probably favorite love song, and Chris Cornell was brilliant,I nod my cap towards that…
  4. Favorite Fictional place I’d like to visit- Diagon Alley
  5. Favorite Bird-Woodstock
  6. Favorite Winter Sport- sitting in front of a fireplace with a book and a hot beverage
  7. Favorite Christmas Present- My family got me a spa day a few years ago. Clearly the winner
  8. Favorite hairstyle– I’ve had my hair in a bob since I’m about 22-
  9. Favorite Kind of House: Brownstone
  10. Favorite Way to Cook a steak: Medium rare as done by a steakhouse

41 thoughts on “Friday Favorites July 31

  1. Favorite house is a Cape Cod style or rather a beautiful smaller condo to move into with all the amenities! Near a beach. Thelma and Louise, is that a chick flick? I don’t know Chris Cornell…will have to look him up.

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  2. I have answers to enough of these, so I’ll play. 💚
    Favorite Food of All Time: fresh baked cinnamon rolls or chocolate chip cookies, still warm
    Favorite Chick Flick: this is my favorite genre, but I’m going to choose 3. 13 Going on 30, When Harry Met Sally, and Legally Blonde
    Favorite cover song: Alison Krauss Gentle on My Mind
    Favorite Fictional place I’d like to visit: heaven
    Favorite Bird: black-billed magpie (they’re ubiquitous here and beautiful)
    Favorite Winter Sport: downhill skiing
    Favorite Present: My childhood dog was a birthday present
    Favorite hairstyle: lots of layers, no bangs because they require maintenance
    Favorite Kind of House: Tudor
    Favorite Way to Cook a steak: I’ve mastered grilling and I like it charred but rare.

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  3. Chick Flick – Steel Magnolias
    Favorite food would be from the past – my Mother’s Fried Chicken (and I do know how to make it, it’s just too much work) and her Spaghetti which isn’t like regular spaghetti and impossible to describe, and I’ve forgotten how to make it because my husband never cared for it, hence I don’t remember the order in which things got added (and yes, it made a difference).

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  4. I particularly liked your favorite bird and favorite sport. I’m not likely to sit in front of the fire reading a book, but it sounds lovely. Who else but you would come up with a fictional bird as a favorite??? I love Woodstock.

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  5. 1. Apple
    2. You’ve Got Mail
    3. Bon Jovi singing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah
    4. The USS Enterprise [any one, not picky]
    5. Woodstock
    6. Building a snowman
    7. An oversized LL Bean parka that is indestructible [over 20 y.o.]
    8. Curly stacked bob
    9. Transitional
    10. Medium well, please

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  6. I love all kinds of food, but I always come back to pizza. Deep dish, NY style, Detroit, mine . .

    As far as cover songs go, I find it remarkably difficult to pick a favorite so I’ll just offer one up that always shivers me timbers. Sara Bareilles cover of “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”. Amazing.

    I do a bistec empanazado (breaded steak), that I couple with beans and rice and fried plantains. That would probably be my last meal.

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