Another week has gone by…..

Key lime pie ice….yum….
Staples has a new section
Thought they did a cute job setting up their outdoor cafe…though we chose to eat in the booths inside the planters, which were separated by plexiglass- Laut Singapore
Hainanese Chicken
Mee Hoon Goreng
Some cocktail….it was good
I love how they put cardboard cut outs in the stands…
Cherries have been exceptional this year
New shower head
Reading in a plaza
My view while reading
You being your groceries outside and bag them on the provided tables
Making it hard for me to put things into the box….

46 thoughts on “Highlights 7/26

    1. It’s a COVID era rule….they don’t want the employees to touch your grocery bags , but they don’t have space for self bagging the way they are set up. Also, speeds up process because there are always lines to enter die to capacity limits….

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      1. Originally they weren’t letting you use reusable bags here either. This is trying to be both COVID and environmentally friendly…some stores still aren’t allowing you to bring your own bags.

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      2. TJs was doing that in the beginning, but they’re trying to enforce the new rule about charging for store bags….it’s a work in progress

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      3. Agree… everything keeps changing. I just saw that Northwestern University was laying off 320 of cafeteria type workers. The bookstore is short staffed too, not sure if it is opening, most orders are online. Your daughter’s Univ must be going through same decisions – this is tough.

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  1. Love the color of that drink! Yay for baseball, but I’m not about to spend $100 (for the Giants anyway) to have a cardboard cutout in the stands. Thanks for sharing New York. If I did anything fun like you do, maybe I’d share too 🙂

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    1. The Mets ones are 86$…but I’m not doing it either…you share your crafts all the time….it’s funny…I just scheduled a post for early august sort of inspired by you

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  2. Efforts at reopening highlight how little we really know about how to stay safe. Some things should vary by locality, but others seem more political. The one thing that never varies is the claim that an order is supported by scientific data which is not presented.

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  3. Haha I’ve just returned from London with many pics, there’s mint choc ice cream, social distancing signs and much much more, bit tired now but I will be sharing them . (As always love your photos)

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