So this week, my shower head broke, as well as my cable TV transmitter…as I was typing this post, my computer froze and took forever to restart…

I could really dwell on these things.

I mean…really dwell. We still haven’t been able to pair the remote to the TV…

But instead I will choose to focus on the following:

I am grateful that when I went to Home Depot to replace the showerhead, they had a really nice one in stock. It gives me a few more jets than the previous one, and showers/baths are one of my favorite ways to relax. I am grateful that our handyman was able to install it that morning.

I am also grateful that the cable company recently opened up a retail location a few blocks from my house. The store was uncharacteristically empty when I got there and I was able to reinstall the box rather quickly.

I am grateful that after 45 minutesΒ  got my computer up and running…


30 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday July 24

  1. I’m now grateful for the so-so days. Nothing extreme in either direction. They’re so rare these days. As long as the good equals out the bad – I’m satisfied. Not that I wouldn’t want a few more goods, or even greats……

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  2. Keep making those lemonades, add a dash of honey, some mint leaves and life would love tossing lemons at you for she knows they are in the right hands πŸ™‚

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  3. You’ll be aware when you visit a website cookies are downloaded onto your PC………. I’ve found running the downloaded program C Cleaner speeds things up, removes trackers and all that guff……………… might help? (I’m NO computer whiz btw)

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