For the past few days I laid out a world where there is no unemployment, poverty, hunger, or crime. Everyone gets healthcare and education till 25. Every citizen is exposed to all sorts of culture and athletics and hobbies. Everyone has the ability to reach their potential. More profitable businesses take up the slack for the less profitable ones. There are less things being produced so there is less waste things are more  environmentally friendly. There is no envy or jealousy. Competition is reduced to the playing field. Everything is fair and equal.  There is no stress. Personality and looks do not play a role in anything.

Reviews were mixed…

So for today, I want you to think about Dystopia 2.0…

To borrow a line from Grease-

“The rules are, there ain’t no rules…”

In our first version of dystopia, there were rules for everything. Each individual contributed to society equally.

In 2.0, no one has to do anything.


There is no requirement for school.

No one has to work.

There are no laws.

Housing is free. The catch is you must source all the material and build your own abode. (remember, one way to source material is to take it from someone else)

Healthcare is free. Yes, there is a catch. In a world were no one is made to study or go to school, no one actually becomes a Doctor or a Nurse… No one develops drugs for use against disease. Drugs are only created for recreational purposes… There are no hospitals or clinics.

Education is free. If you can find someone to teach you.

Ownership is tenuous-  you may have a bowl and someone may take it away from you…possession is 10/10th…..

There are no stores.

No theaters.

No doors.

Squatters rights are the only rights…

Communication is reduced to about a hundred words…and lots of pointing…no worrying about spell check or grammar…

There is no such thing as crime, because everyone is allowed to do whatever they please…

There are no taxes. You don’t have to pay for anything…

You have complete and utter freedom. You can be anything you want. Choose any path you wish to take. Do anything you want. You can sit and write poetry every day, or play video games. Just get drunk or high. Have sex with multiple partners. Unprotected sex- no one has to wear condoms…

Clothing is optional. Every day is quarantine sweat pants/no bra day. Every day is naked Thursday…

You are completely free of responsibility. You can birth a child and leave it- there is no consequence for abandonment. Parenting is not one of the vocabulary words- because no one really wants to parent because parenting is hard…

There are no consequences at all.

So while version 1.0 was all about rules and similarity, version 2.0 is all about non conformity and freedom.

What do we think of this version?

71 thoughts on “Dystopia- Opposites

  1. These scenarios reveal your inner novelist…seriously. What you’ve been ‘setting up’ are what writers call “World building” “Character sketches” etc which provide context for a story yet to be written. Perhaps you might consider indulging your inner novelist and just begin scribbling the fictional lives of those in these scenarios?
    For further ‘support and resources’ you might look into NaNoWriMo – just google it. Something that’s made for this time of self-isolating especially if you’ve never done this before these restricted times!
    Anyway – Hope your rooftop is still available for you to use! Take care.

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    1. I had a lot of fun writing these environments. I haven’t ruled out working in a story or something….it’s funny because I don’t actually like the genre…but the world building is totally fun….

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  2. Chaos. I think I agree with Pankanzy…although in my dystopian world based on one of my worst fears, the arachnid population would become rulers. I refer back to my comment regarding the fentanyl yesterday if this was the case.

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    1. Ahhhh…spiders….though, spiders tend to be workers by design…they build webs and all….and yes…chaos…I was trying to come to as close to opposite as my other world…obviously when there are no rules the explanation is much shorter…

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      1. Nah….he was on Facebook about ten years ago. He has a really wonderful life. But you know….sometimes there’s just someone you remember…


  3. Gosh, the world we have isn’t so bad, huh? You’ve been using your imagination well. I suspect there would always be some high achievers, even in a ruleless world. Not everyone would devolve in this way. People would still take care of their offspring.

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    1. There’s lots of leeway to take care though….could you be a high achiever or will those who are charismatic survive? Or would it be those physically more intimidating? It’s a fun exercise to think about though

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  4. This sounds like total chaos and lives lived in fear! The hardest jobs are irreplaceable like parenting, teaching, leadership, policing, healing, farming, because no one want the hard jobs! Survival becomes the sole objective. I’ll take what we have today even though we feel slightly broken and defeated at times, C

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      1. here- the first paragraph of the blurb:
        Thou shalt kill.

        A world with no hunger, no disease, no war, no misery. Humanity has conquered all those things, and has even conquered death. Now scythes are the only ones who can end life—and they are commanded to do so, in order to keep the size of the population under control.

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      2. There you go….one of my original thoughts that lead me to this topic this week is the thought of overpopulation…so that totally makes sense…

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  5. Well a world like that wouldn’t last long, people would become feral, maybe even regress to cavemen. mmm that may not be such a bad thing.

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  6. Hmm anarchy and mob rule I think I’ll pass……….. but I’d guess a structured society of some type would establish itself probably similar to London city gangland, though I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t wish to live there!……………. (Mind you a world without bras may change my mind. 😀 )

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  7. Wait, wait, wait! In version #1 ‘More profitable businesses take up the slack for the less profitable ones”. How was that possible? If everything is equal, how did one become more profitable? And does ALL the profit go back in taxes? And how could that not produce envy in the less profitable business? But in version #2 – now we’re post apocalyptic – Very “Mad Max”. But also education would be by the ‘elders’ as Native Americans learn and all other peoples who have ancestry. All of our ancestors, from whatever country, originally had berries and herbs and plants with which they made medicines and poultices. This is very much the ‘might makes right’. The biggest ‘guy’ wins every time unless a small band of people take him on – and then we’re back to ‘if I want it, it’s mine’. Survival of the fittest?
    Another thought provoking scenario. Thanks for making me fight with myself!!! Now, if I could have just lost some weight doing it!

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    1. Well, theoretically, businesses that produce necessary things should make more money assuming the business is run properly. But can a fast casual restaurant make as much? So, since everything is paid for by the government, and no one takes a profit, the industry that makes new phone/monitor devices should technically earn more, so they have more profits to give allowing the smaller less used business, ie person who handcrafts barrettes, the ability to stay in business. Technically the “government “ receives all monies and distributes evenly amongst all. No one is allowed to make more than set amount. No interest. No credit cards. It’s all very cut and dry. In my not so cut and dry mind though…


  8. Terrifying. Reminiscent of Lord of the flies.

    We totally should not be left to our own devices. Education is key. But having said that… Man will always want for more and that includes knowledge. I wonder if left to our own devices as you describe, would we be inclined to search for a better way. I dare say in a dystopian world, there’s always that curious soul who runs a muck and ruins everything.

    Love your head!

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  9. This scenario provokes a lot more questions than the last. No doctors etc morgues..what happens to dead bodies? If no one works, where does one shop, get food? What happens if someone takes your bowl? Do you get another by taking from someone else? I am up at 1ish unable to sleep and this post gives me nice questions to tickle my brain. Love it

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    1. Bodies get dumped in a dump. There were stores originally, but people kept stealing things so stores became useless. If you want a bowl you need to either defend your bowl, or be willing to take whatever bowl you want. Everything is about the individual…what is best for each person individually

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